SCP-1151 "Mother"
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Item#: SCP-1151

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The specimen should be contained within a standard soundproof cell with bedding and Tri-Layer doors.
Stressing once again on Soundproofing of all walls,doors,and windows. Surveillance should be taken via hidden cameras.
Any other gathering of information should be done in person with the subject. The should NOT be photographed UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Any Person(s) entering the cell when said subject is showing or expressing signs of sadness,anger,or emotions along the lines of these emotions
Any personnel exposed to the during moments of severe emotion must be taken into serious psychotherapy and given a thorough psychiatric

Description: The Subject appears to be a Caucasian Female approximately 5'7 and 123lbs with an English accent. The Specimen's hair is a standard black and
the color of the Subject's eyes appear to be a brown-hazel mixture. The subject appears to take a liking to romance novels, bon-bon's, and martini's. The subject
apparently considers any,and every member of the staff to be one of her children, Usually addressing them as "Sweetie Pie", "Honey" or "My little boy or girl").
The specimen does not like to be called by its number and prefers to be called "Mom" or "Mother". The subject does not like to be photographed. When asked
in an interview, the specimen said that it "Is very shy about her image" despite the fact that she appears very fair and well groomed..

The subject usually is usually very pleasant to staff, giving out hugs and kisses(Dr.{REDACTED} had to ask repeatedly for subject to stop) very often. Subject is
semi-clingy and is usually disappointed when interviews or interaction with staff is over. However, subject is still usually confined to its cell due to its easily excitable
nature. The subject has a much lower tolerance for misbehavior and other negative stimuli. Subject is also prone to anger from any subtle clues about how the subject appears to others. When the subject is angered, it grows up to four taller than normal and begins to yell at the subject(s) that angered her, usually treating them like misbehaved children. Somehow, the subject is induced into a state of intense fear and sadness, apparently apologizing and referring to the subject as "Mother","Mom",or "Mommy" . In certain cases, she has slapped the subject across the face with above-normal strength, resulting in major bruising and some broken collar bones. She also will occasionally spank subjects in a painful manner, resulting in bruising of the buttock and occasionally a broken pelvis from impact. If subject leaves state of anger while injured person(s) are present, subject will run to their side and hold them, claiming that it is "A bad mother" and saying "I'm sorry honey"
this has started slow mental deterioration in the subject.1

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