Music Box
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Oldest known image of the music box, photograph provided by ████████████ ██████████████

Item #: SCP-4321

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be packed securely inside a locked strong box when not in use with the object lid firmly closed. The object is only to be opened when placed on a flat surface and surrounded by water at least 1 meter deep. Following the death of Dr ██████ no personnel may manipulate the object by hand, all contact must be through either mechanical means or though the use of D-Class personal.

Description: SCP – 4321 is a small pine music box, outwardly unremarkable except for its cheap construction. It was provided by ████████████ ██████████████. She has proved quite unwilling to discuss its origins, only stating that it came from the town of ████████████ which was wiped out during the Stalinist purges in 1938.

No makers marks have been identified, the style mimics a common design found though out Russia at the start of the 20th century. A simple clockwork mechanism, operated with a key at the back of the box, rotates the ballerina figure 360 degrees once every 8.2 seconds while playing “God Save the Tsar”. Fully winding the key produces three minutes and thirty six seconds of rotation.

When material is placed above the ballerina, so that the tip of the right hand is touching the material, the figure will tunnel through the material, leaving the music box behind. The figure will continue drilling until the music box has wound down. The ballerina figure does not change speed, show signs of wear or increase in temperature and will only change course if it runs out of material to drill through.


6/2: Dr. ██████ & Dr. ███ Test Log: SCP – 4321

Object tested: 1 inch thick steal plate, lowered onto music box with folk lift

Result: The ballerina bored a neat hole through the steal plate. Ballerina then fell over at an angle, burrowed back through the steal plate and one of the prongs of the folk lift. Ballerina then fell to the ground and kept burrowing into the concrete floor for another 2.3 feet before the music box eventually ran down.

Note: When using the music box only turn the key as much as is necessary. I know this is an inexact science, please use your best judgement.


D-Class personnel noticed, while cleaning the Ballerina figure, that it floats in water. Surrounding the test area with water may be a way to prevent it from escaping next time its being tested - Dr. ███

23/2: Dr. ██████ & Dr. ███ Test Log: SCP – 4321

Object tested: Diamond (0.03 CT)

Result: Shattered almost instantly, D-Class assistant's head and face were peppered with diamond shards. D-Class later expired.

Note: That was horrible

27/2: Dr. ██████ & Dr. ███ Test Log: SCP – 4321

Object tested: Carbon Fibre panel

Result: Dr. ██████ died from blood lose resulting from massive trauma to his left arm. Security footage appears to show that the the gears of the music box had become stuck and Dr. ██████ unwisely tried to fix the music box by hand.

Note: Testing ceased at this time.

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