Item #: SCP-1146

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1146 is to be kept in a double locked storage locker at Site 23 and guards are to check near the storage locker every 2 hours. Anybody attempting to reach SCP-1146 are to be restrained and held in isolation pending a psychological review.

Description: SCP-1146 appears to be a wooden box with "██████ Hestern" stamped on the top. The box is approximately 39 x 25cm with a height of 25 cm. The inside of SCP-1146 has proven incapable of being measure due to it's properties. SCP-1146 was procured from a Marshalls, Carter, and Dark Ltd. auction event. The placard in front of the box read: [DATA REDACTED]

SCP-1146 displays no outwards anomalous properties. However upon reaching into SCP-1146 the user will pull out a firearm1 custom tailored to suit their needs and personalities. See testing log SCP-1146-A. Anyone using their unique firearm are found to have increased aggression, with no noticeable decline after separation from fire arm, and a desire to procure more weapons from SCP-1146 and will often use their current weapon to try and do so. Weapons do not appear to contain unlimited ammunition and will run out with normal use. No two weapons that have been retrieved from SCP-1146 have ever been the same. Closer inspection of pieces of the weapons show a difference not only in structure, but in the material used as well. Condition of weapon appears to be directly related to the emotional state of the subject.
Test log SCP-1146-A

Date of experiment:██/██/20██
Subject Name:D-08721 "w/ known arson felony"
Test Result: Subject procured "M1911" with a red and yellow paint job on the handle. Subject fired ██ times emptying the clip. Subject then proceeded to reach into the box again while taunting and cussing at researchers. At this point guards were sent in resulting in [DATA REDACTED]. Gun was held for research and remains of subject were cremated. Gun revealed to be in working order, other then paint on the handle no unusual properties were observed. (Subject was believed to be in a stable frame of mind.)

Date of Experiment: ██/██/20██
Subject Name: D-8735 "known history of interaction with firearms"
Test Result: [DATA REDACTED]. :Grenade launcher" was kept for study. Launcher appeared to be in working order, closer inspection revealed parts wore down quickly. (Subject was know to have fits of depression.)

Date of Experiment: 05/██/20██
Subject Name:D-8821 "History teacher prior to murder"
Test Result: First result of an antique firearm. Appear to be a [DATA REDACTED]. Subject showed aggressive tendencies inconsistent with his psychological profile. Subject managed to get one shot off, injuring a guard before being restrained. Subject is in isolation and shows no decrease in violent tendencies. While old gun was in near perfect condition. (Subject's profile shows that subject had accepted his new life)

Date of Experiment:06/03/20██
Subject Name:Researcher ██████
Test Result: Unauthorized test of SCP-1146. Researcher ██████ reached into the box and withdrew a a military issue M-16. Open fired on guards after they attempted to retrieve his weapon. Resulted in █ casualties and the researchers death. Examination of the rifle revealed that all parts where beyond perfect in their working order. Repeated use of the firearm showed no wear on any of the parts. First weapon that has appeared that has this property. (Subject displayed signs of OCD and appeared to be structured and in tight control of his emotions.) Testing continues now under stricter conditions.

Date of Experiment: █/20/20█
Subject Name:D-4387 "Psychological profile indicates extreme depression"
Test Result: Subject removed a "Pocket Derringer". Metal of the weapon was observed to be a cobalt blue with the handle being made out of Lapis Lazuli. Subject showed typical signs of increased aggression, although they aggression was directed inward. Subject shot himself in the head with the firearm before guards could reach him. Gun was nowhere to be found on subject. Video footage later revealed that immediately after shooting himself the subject's gun vanished. Guards must now be in room during testing in bulletproof armour.

Requesting O5 permission to test with SCP-76

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