Mr. Watch T. W. Burn

Item #: SCP-7943

Object Class: Intuor-Impetus

Special Containment Procedures: All employees are to stay away from SCP-7943 at all costs. The 10 SRA activated on max in SCP-7943 are to stay on at all times. Any personnel that comes within 10 9 feet of SCP-7943 are to be terminated. All material other than the SRAs and SCP-7943 is to be apprehended.

SCP-7943 is to be contained within a 5m x 5m x 5m standard containment chamber. This chamber is to have 10 9 SRAs scattered around it on high at all times. If any reality-bending is to occur SCP-7943 is have his yearly request taken away.


Description: SCP-7943 is an 8-foot tall muscular humanoid. It is assumed that SCP-7943 is male. SCP-7943 has no noticeable features other than shoulders merging with the head. Before containment SCP-7943's name was Watch T. W. Burn.

SCP-7943 is a threat to the universe due to its anomalous abilities. SCP-7943 is an entity of which can bend reality to the points of tearing. SCP-7943 displays immeasurable dislikeness of this and will typically never bend reality. When aggravated SCP-7943 slightly bends reality in its favor.

SCP-7943 is to be allowed a yearly request.

Interview Log-7943:

Interviewed: SCP-7943

Interviewer: Dr. Drek

Foreword: Simple questions.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Drek: Mr. Burn?

SCP-7943: Yes?

Dr. Drek: What do you do exactly?

SCP-7943: Watch.

Dr. Drek: Watch? What is that supossed to mean?

SCP-7943: What it sounds like.

Dr. Drek: Alright, and what is your yearly request?

SCP-7943: Removal of one SRA.

Dr. Drek: Well this concludes our interview.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Drek terminated and SCP-7943's request accepted.

Recontainment Protocols: ꙲hgjv꙲vjhb꙲iyhgb꙲yihb꙲hkb꙲hjvb꙲꙲꙲꙲꙲꙲꙲ ꙲ ꙲ ꙲꙲jfljydig

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

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