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Stairway To Hell
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Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A minimum of two guards are to be posted at all times in the room at the base of SCP-XXX and are to report any sounds or visual manifestations coming from the attic area above. All doors and windows to the residence containing SCP-XXX are to be kept locked at all times. The main door is to be locked and deadbolted internally by the attending guards and deadbolted externally by the previous pair of guards upon their exit. Should either of the attending guards cease vital function, a remote alarm system is automatically triggered, at which point [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: SCP-XXX is a spiraling wrought iron staircase extending between the first floor, second floor, and attic of a residence previously belonging to ███ ███████ ███████, a notable member of the ███████ Society. Both the first and second floors of the residence have been searched extensively and display no abnormal qualities. However, SCP-XXX and the attic area at its summit do not appear on any blueprints of the site. To date, three (3) D-Class Personnel have been sent up SCP-XXX to investigate the attic area. Only one has returned, in a state of extreme mental degradation.

(See exploration logs XXX-A, XXX-B, and XXX-C)

They all reported similar phenomena before contact was, ultimately, lost. Upon setting foot on the structure of SCP-XXX, subjects exhibit physiological signs of agitation and express reluctance to continue further. Once at the top of SCP-XXX, subjects find themselves in a room completely devoid of illumination. Subjects report they feel "watched." Within one to two minutes, subjects begin to express open fear and request to return down SCP-XXX. They cite a low whispering as the source of their fear. Within three minutes, microphones are able to confirm auditory phenomena, and researchers have been able to pick out the phrases "it was my birthday," "murderer," "dirty bastard," "our wedding night," and the repeated word "hate, hate, hate." Subjects are instructed to shine their flashlights around the room in search of the speaker. Any light emitted is described as being "diminished" or "absorbed" by the darkness of the attic until it is shone on a large wooden chest, designated SCP-XXX-2. Each subject opening SCP-XXX-2 has reported a different object inside the chest, but each is of a rather grisly nature, including [DATA REDACTED]. Upon viewing the contents of SCP-XXX-2, subjects will attempt to flee, but will be stopped by phenomenon SCP-XXX-3. Subjects will begin screaming about a "woman" or "women in white" standing before them. Microphones record the ever-present whispering blending together incoherently before radio contact is suddenly lost. Observers at the base of SCP-XXX report test subjects' screaming to fade slowly, as though the subject is being carried away.

Addendum: In light of exploration XXX-3, no further exploration of SCP-XXX is planned at this time.

Exploration Log XXX-A
Exploration Log XXX-B
Exploration Log XXX-C

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