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The War
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A sign at the border of SCP-XXX

Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The borders of SCP-XXX are to be kept under twenty-four hour surveillance. Multiple patrols of armed guards are to span the perimeter at regular intervals. Level 4 supervising personnel are to be immediately informed of any perceived expansion of SCP-XXX. Unauthorized personnel escaping from within SCP-XXX are to be detained for questioning and research. Attending guards are authorized to terminate those who do not comply. In the event of massive hostility from within the anomaly, the area is to be firebombed in its entirety. Search and destroy teams will be dispatched to sweep the area until able to confirm it safe.

Description: SCP-XXX is a spatial anomaly at approximately 40 degrees North, 15 degrees East, surrounded by deep forest. It manifests as a rough oval of land measuring fifteen kilometers along its major axis and seven kilometers along its minor axis. Though very few sounds escape the area's borders, the land within appears to have been subjected to continuous artillery and chemical bombardments, and contains very few standing structures. Beyond occupying a space which, physically, does not exist, SCP-XXX displays no other spatial or temporal anomalies. SEE EXPLORATION REPORT XXX-2.

SCP-XXX appears to be in a state of perpetual war. Many factions have been reported, though alliances and hostilities have been known to shift daily, with no recorded attempts at peace. Tactics observed have ranged from trench warfare to modern guerilla-style combat, however no airstrikes have ever been observed within SCP-XXX, and all bombardments are made by land-based artillery.

An estimated ten thousand men are active within SCP-XXX, but no women have been sighted. The inhabitants of SCP-XXX manifest in varying military uniforms representative of over fifteen (15) recorded countries and twelve (12) separate eras, though World War I era field uniforms seem most prevalent. The inhabitants of SCP-XXX bear the physical and psychological marks of prolonged warfare, and very few seem capable of leaving the combat zone. Indeed, most appear to be almost incapable of perceiving its barbed-wire barriers ( See Interview XXX-1). Occasionally, notes or signs appear on the fences around SCP-XXX, bearing messages or mementoes from the soldiers within. Five (5) of these objects have been recovered for study (see Recovered Items List) but have, to date, yielded little information on the origins of SCP-XXX or its inhabitants.

One of the soldiers present in SCP-XXX

Object History: SCP-XXX came to the Foundation's attention in 2003 after Foundation officials received reports of a "madman" in World War I era uniform wandering in southern Italy. The Foundation quickly stepped in and apprehended the subject in question. After undergoing several polygraph tests and psychological evaluations, the subject was determined to be traumatized but sane. Foundation operatives were dispatched to the location he described and discovered SCP-XXX.

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