SCP-XXX Exploration 2

This file contains information pertinent to the investigation of SCP-XXX.

Date: ██/██/2004
Location: Northeast quarter of SCP-XXX.
Background Summary: Exploration XXX-2 was launched in an attempt to recover the person or remains of agent designation 514-R, who was separated from his exploration group under heavy artillery barrage during Exploration XXX-1. Radio contact with Agent 514-R was lost and never re-established.

Video transcript follows.

Camera activates. Subject, agent designation 674-B, is moving towards SCP-XXX entrance area 2A. Subject clears checkpoint guards and enters SCP-XXX. Terrain is rough, rocky, and hilly, and has clearly been subjected to artillery bombardment, in keeping with the general condition of SCP-XXX. Subject proceeds forward roughly five hundred paces then dives under a rock formation to cover from an artillery strike. Subject waits until area clear, then commences with caution. Landscape remains largely unchanged. A few World War I and Vietnam War era vehicles lie in various states of disrepair. Subject pauses to inspect them, reporting them to mission control, then continues. Subject proceeds another eight hundred paces before sighting a soldier whose uniform indicates he belongs to a unit friendly to the Foundation. Soldier gestures to subject, who waves in response and joins him. The two converse as they cross a nearby ridge. Subject explains situation. Soldier appears troubled and asks if Agent 514-R bore the same insignia that Agent 674-B carries on his right shoulder. Subject confirms and is asked to follow. The two proceed to the far side of the ridge and join the soldier's unit. They continue through a series of trenches until they reach an area which appears to be a command center of sorts. Soldier approaches a Second Lieutenant, inquires as to the current occupation of his commanding officer. Second Lieutenant responds that the CO is currently not busy. The first soldier thanks him and guides subject through a rough door into an adjacent chamber. Soldier announces their presence to a grey-haired man facing away from them. The man turns. Subject is heard to utter an exclamation of recognition. Facial recognition software confirms the grey-haired man to be Agent 514-R. His age is estimated to be in excess of forty, though he was only twenty-eight when he entered the anomaly three weeks prior. Agent 514-R shows no signs of recognition of subject.

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