Nohxis The War Interview 1

This file contains information pertinent to the investigation of SCP-XXX.

Interview XXX-1

Researcher: Dr. James Masterson

Subject: Recovered individual found wandering near SCP-XXX. Subject claims to lack knowledge of his real name; prefers to be acknowledged by rank. His uniform bears the insignia of a Lieutenant in the American Expeditionary Force of World War I.

Topic: The origins, nature, and functions of SCP-XXX and its inhabitants.

Dr. Masterson: Lieutenant, correct?

Subject: Yes sir.

Dr. Masterson: What can you tell me about yourself, Lieutenant?

Subject: Captain. Fifteenth Infantry. Heavies. We support the forward artillery on the Southwest.

Dr. Masterson: I see. What force is your company currently in conflict with?

Subject: Brits. Again. Teamed up with the damn Krauts.

Dr. Masterson: Can you tell me the reason for the conflict?

Subject: No sir.

Dr. Masterson: I have here a map of Europe. Can you locate the country of Britain for me?

Subject: The what?

Dr. Masterson: Great Britain. The land your enemies hail from.

Subject: Respectfully, that's incorrect, sir. The Brits come from the Upper Hills on the West end, and the Krauts always attack from the North.

Dr. Masterson: Lieutenant, can you tell me how long you have been serving in SCP-XXX?

Subject: I don't understand why you keep calling it that damn name.

Dr. Masterson: What name would you prefer?

Subject: Everyone knows it ain't got a name. And I've always been there.

Dr. Masterson: Do you mean to say you have no recollection of your existence before your time in SCP-XXX?

Subject: The hell are you talking about?

Dr. Masterson: I beg your pardon?

Subject: What existence?

Dr. Masterson: Your childhood? Family?

Subject: ….

Dr. Masterson: Let the record reflect that the subject appears troubled.

Subject: Look mister, I don't know what you're trying to pull, but-but there's nothing else. Nothing but the war. That's it. Just—just gas, and bombs, and bullets, and… oh god…

Dr. Masterson: Note possible symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

Subject: I'm fine. I can handle it. Yes sir. I'm a soldier. I can take this. I can.. I can…

Dr. Masterson: Lieutenant? I'm going to have to ask you to sit dow… What are you… SECURITY! SECURITY!

Subject: I'm not going back, you hear me?! I'm not goin—

Addendum: Please note that the audio recording device placed in the interview room was destroyed at this point. When Security teams managed to break into the interview room, Dr. Masterson was injured but alive and Subject "Lieutenant" lay dead, apparently by a pen-inflicted puncture wound to the neck. Subject's remains were autopsied, found normal, and cremated. Dr. Masterson is expected to make a full recovery.

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