The Outcast Lands

A small, mountainous region of a few small city-states in the shadow of the Aasimar Hegemony, the Outcast Lands is where people who the Hegemony finds distasteful seem to end up. It is therefore largely populated by non-human based Aasimar, some tieflings - and a diverse mix of races who lived there before the Hegemony rolled over them. While the Hegemony doesn't officially discriminate against tieflings or non-human based Aasimar, such people always seem to have trouble in society. Having few resources of value and no sites of particular interest to the Hegemony, it mostly exists as a buffer between the Hegemony and their neighbours.

The Hegemony's presence is limited to a few small but well-fortified military outposts and the detested tax-collectors that hide in them. Taxes are kept high but given how little the region has to trade in the first place, it does little more than foster resentment against the Hegemony.

A small grassroots movement known as the Twice Outcast, composed primarily of non-human Aasimar seeks independence for the Outcast Lands. Outside of petty vandalism and the occasional stabbed soldier they have made little progress. Banditry is rife and the Hegemony works to ensure that various groups of bandits remain in rivalry with one another rather than teaming up to offer any organised resistance.

The largest city, Dead Cliff, is an overcrowded mess with a disused river port alongside a cliff face with an empty iron mine. Additional levels are built atop the existing structures to accommodate more people without cutting into the precious little arable land, and these provide horizontal access to the mine at various points, as well as numerous ways to cross the river without seeing land, let alone water. A few people have made homes in the mine, and some even insist on continuing to dig despite that there is almost certainly nothing to be found.

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