SCP-JJJ is an anomalous signal discovered July 4, 1966. The signal was originally detected by United States Government Listening Posts designed to intercept Cold War transmissions from Soviet Russia. The signal was discarded as one of 'non-interest', but was later rediscovered by Foundation researchers following investigation into the mass murder committed by Charles Whitman on August 1, 1966, referred to hereafter as Subject-JJJ-3.

Subject-JJJ-3's autopsy was carried out as per usual procedure for crimes in the area. Following autopsy, Foundation agents performed a general sweep of the area to determine if anomalous activity was responsible for events, at which time, a radio transmission identical to SCP-JJJ was discovered to have originated within the bones of Subject-JJJ-3.

After this incident was discovered, the SCP-JJJ signal was further detected in two additional subjects (JJJ-1 and JJJ-2). Subject-JJJ-1 was found after sentencing to Portsmouth Naval Prison for a number of insubordination offenses, and Subject-JJJ-2 was found while on paid leave for excessive use of violence from a law enforcement position.

The signal faded from living subjects approximately four weeks after cessation of symptoms. Subject-JJJ-3's bones continue to transmit to the current day. Other than military service, common for individuals of the time, no correlation has been discovered between the separate subjects.

Since this time, the signal has been detected in no fewer than 236 individuals since this time, ranging from incidents of road rage to killings.

Recordings of SCP-JJJ seem to have no effect on test subjects, leading researchers to believe that the signal itself is merely an after-effect of the true source. Currently, those who are genuinely effected by SCP-JJJ tend to develop extreme forms of psychosis, generally taking the form of paranoia and a sudden shift to political extremes.

While administration of amnestics has resulted in some success in alleviating symptoms, the most successful form of treatment has been recruitment and the sharing of some minor Foundation intelligence. Agents infected with SCP-JJJ report that their symptoms vanish within weeks of discovering the scope of Foundation influence.

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