Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

-No specific room size/shape/area.
-Needs constant supervision; it could get startled by anything randomly (even if nothing new is introduced to the room; the SCP has little or no memory so it can be startled by the same thing over and over)


-No concrete image yet. Open to ideas.
-Reacts intensely to being startled. If a D-Class enters the room, it will follow them around curiously. If the D-Class turns to look at the SCP, it'll be startled.
-Previous idea was that it simply killed them; however since I'm aiming for something creepy that focuses on the primal fear of being stalked (you know, when you're walking home on a dark night, and you feel like someone's following you…) I feel like that ruins the mood. Willing to take suggestions.
-Heavy breathing, footsteps. People in the near vicinity feel paranoia. My aforementioned example of 'when you're walking home on a dark night' is pretty much the central theme here.


-Will do logs of how it reacts to various entities (small objects like a tennis ball, to small animals, to different humans, to other SCPs.)

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