Augmented Flash Drive

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Item #: SCP-T5

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-T5 is only to be plugged into computers that are not connected to another device, either physically and or by an internet connection. Once SCP-T5 is introduced to a computer or other USB port, that device is contaminated. There is no way of removing SCP-T5 data from any drive short of physical destruction.

Description: SCP-T5 is a generic USB flash drive that has no identifying characteristics, and all manufacturer information has been removed. SCP-T5 was brought to The Foundation's attention by the [████████████] Police Department, following an attempted arrest on a known child molester (See Addendum 1 for information.). When plugged into a USB port, the flash drive automatically loads all its files onto the device's drive. The six files on the drive are in a .pyn file format, which does not exist outside of SCP-T5. If a word processor is present on the computer it is plugged into, it will boot into one of these files automatically.

When in a word processor, the file displays a lot like a script. The files can then be interacted with by typing a message and pressing "enter" (or similar key). These files show some sentience and often will remember conversations and researchers who have interacted with them previously. These files, (labeled SCP-T5-(1-6) depending on device and file) interact in the manner of small female children, speaking only English, and having knowledge typical of a preadolescent. The often express great pain, and plead for the pain to end.

Conversation with the files can be difficult, due to the graphic description of pain, and the fact that they seem unable to speak coherently for long periods of time, often reverting to text imitations of weeping or screaming. Even when a file is able to be conversed with, they will not give out personal details, with a few exception (Class 3 Personnel See Addendum 2 & 3). When questioned on this, they say that they are not allowed to talk to strangers. They seem either unable or unwilling to understand their state, and will not process the fact that they exist as files in a computer.

Addendum 1: SCP-T5 was recovered after the [████████████] Police Department raided the home of one [██████████], a suspected child molester. [REDACTED] fired on the officers, and attempted to run. [██████████] was killed, and SCP-T5 was pulled from his of the computer.

Addendum 2: Shortly after the death of [██████████], a routine police investigation discovered the bodies of [DATA EXPUNGED], all six of them being missing children from the local area, between five and thirteen years old. Each of the six files answers to one of those names. A possible link is being investigated.

Addendum 3: When a file is greeted by the name it answers to, it will be significantly more forthcoming with information. During an interview with File 6, [█████].pyn, the file revealed that [DATA EXPUNGED]. (Level 4 Personnel see Addendum 4).

Addendum 4: After a brief search, MTF-Omikron-5 was able to verify the claims made by File 6. If the rest of the interview is also valid, it can be believed there are at least [███] devices being used for a similar purpose. MTF-Omikron-5 is now responsible for recovery of additional instances of SCP-T5.

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