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The Tianjin Building Plague

Photo of SCP-XX, taken 01/12/1939

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe (i think?)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XX is currently stored in a 4m3 aluminium oxynitride cube equipped with four coolant pumps for pacification purposes. Personnel interacting with SCP-XX are to be equipped with Type 6 containment suits and must undergo mandatory biohazard checks afterward.

Colonies of SCP-XX encountered in the wild are to be dealt with using Class 4 incendiaries. Use of any Arson-type cover story, such as 014-Electrical Fire or 067-Deviant Firebug, is automatically approved.

Description: SCP-XX is a previously unknown creature that bears superficial resemblance to Asteroidean echinoderms, such as Asterias rubens. SCP-XX consists of a central body structure that houses its nervous and digestive system and hundreds of branching feeding tendrils that act as a "root system". Each tendril is capable of punching through human skin with relative ease and draws moisture and edible nutrients into the central body. A specimen of SCP-XX has a lifespan of up to sixty years, barring the destruction of its "nest", human intervention, or starvation.

SCP-XX nests in the crawlspaces, walls and floors of human habitation exclusively. The central body will attach itself to a secluded area and extend its feeding tendrils in every direction. Once a tendril encounters a species SCP-XX considers prey, SCP-XX will immobilize it via constriction and begin the feeding process. This can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to several hours, dependent on the size of the prey and number of tendrils involved. Each tendril shows the capability to branch a seemingly unlimited number of times, and will continue to do so until the whole of the interior of the building has been infested. If any single feeding tendril reaches a sufficient length, another central body will be formed through a metamorphic process not entirely understood. SCP-XX does not seem to be dangerous to humans until it has exhausted food supplies within the walls of its "nest". However, once this food supply is exhausted, SCP-XX will begin to consider organisms previously too large and/or dangerous for consumption to be prey.

Addendum: SCP-XX was first discovered by Imperial Japanese Army officers during the occupation of Tianjin after the discovery of four dessicated corpses, confirmed to be members of Rikugun Taii1 Yoshijiro Nishio's staff. After a brutal interrogation of Tianjin residents offered no explanation, the incident came to the notice of the Imperial Japanese biowar research group Unit 731. After an investigation of the Captain's headquarters, SCP-XX was found, contained, and relocated to 731 headquarters in Harbin, Manchuria. After several attempts to weaponize SCP-XX for use against the United States (targets included the White House, shipyards and subway stations), the project was canceled and all examples of SCP-XX under Japanese control were incinerated to prevent acquisition by Soviet or American scientists. SCP-XX was thought extinct, however, colonies of SCP-XX have been investigated and/or terminated in Harbin, Beijing, Yokohama, Saigon, Vladivostok, and [REDACTED] as recently as ██/██/████.

Exploration Log 348/I/024

currently unused ideas

battery of 7 letter words to be used for codenames. A names are always team leaders, V names are always support staff. names assigned at random. field commanders always have names implying authority and can be eight letters (Autocrat, Emperor, Hierarch, Overlord, Tyranny, etc). there's only one field commander at a time per operation so name overlap is not a problem.

the following have been used: adamant baroque bulwark censure cistern dynasty epitaph forager galleon harvest inkwell jacobin verdict

A: abandon abstain acclaim affront amalgam animist atrophy avarice

B: badland ballast bandage bastard bombard bravado bulwark butcher

C: caldera carrion caustic cavalry censure chancer chloric coercer culture cyclone czarist

D: danseur deadman debauch decimal defiant demesne dowager dredger drowned dynasty

E: echelon eidolon elector embargo enchant endless enforce envenom epitaph extinct

F: faction falchion fallout federal feudist fiction fisheye forager fortify fulcrum

G: gallant galleon gallows gambler garrote germane gestalt godhead gunshot

H: haggard halcyon hangman harvest hatchet hellion hypoxic

I: icefall ignitor imagist impaler indicts ingress inkwell isagoge iterant

J: jacobin jezzail jodhpur jugular justice

js are hard.

V: valiant variant verdict veritas vertigo viscera vitriol voltage vulture

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