DOCUMENT [1562-002-A] [Psychological Stability Report 1562-286-B]
Date: █/█/███
Report: 1562-286
Presiding Psychologist: Dr. ██████

Subject Name: ██████ ████████████
Age: 9 years old
Sex: F
Birthplace: [REDACTED]
Preexisting Mental Condition: [DATA EXPUNGED]

After the first attempt to recontain SCP-1562, the subject seemed excitable, despite reports by the investigator and presiding official of her apathy. I suspect that the public reaction to her initial sighting report began a cycle of deep-seated insecurities about the subject’s ability to trust her own senses. She communicated great relief at the chance to see “Rosie,” as she has dubbed SCP-1562, again. She does not realize that the recapture will lead to [REDACTED] for SCP-1562. A short transcription of our discussion is recorded below.

<Begin Log █/█/███, PSR 1562-286-B>
Interviewed: Subject ██████ ████████████
Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Dr. ██████: Do you see Rosie often?
Subject: Oh, yes. She likes to run next to the car.
Dr. ██████: Do you know why it’s there?
Subject: She wants to be.
Dr. ██████: Does it hurt you?
Subject: No. She just runs next to the car.
Dr. ██████: You keep rubbing your elbow. Does it hurt?
<End Log>

All further questions about her knowledge of the creature were met with nonchalance. The subject likely knows no more about SCP-1562 than do our scientists. She seems eager to make contact with “Rosie” again, though I fear that this may cause emotional anxiety. Judging from the way she claims her family treated her after her initial report, I fear that she has come to see the specimen as a dependable figure. She is beginning to see the creature as an extension of herself, and further interaction may cause damage.

Status: Subject could be used as incentive for SCP-1562.
Recommendation: I recommend that we investigate the psychological effects of prolonged exposure to the specimen. Object class should be reinvestigated. Post recontainment procedure: Subject ██████ ████████████ should be [DATA EXPUNGED], Protocol [REDACTED].

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