Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe (Euclid status pending)

Special Containment Procedures: Standard living quarters for Humanoid SCPs. No fewer then two armed guards are to be stationed outside SCP-XXX-01’s quarters, and must accompany SPC-XXX-01 at all times. SPC-XXX-01 is otherwise free to leave his quarters during allotted recreation and testing periods.

Description: SCP-XXX came to the attention of the Foundation on ██/██/██09 after an emplaced agent observed a man (designated SCP-XXX-01, henceforth - subject) during his admittance to ██████ hospital. Subject’s skin had altered in texture and composition, and his skeletal structure had begun to spontaneously deform. After acquisition, initial testing showed that subject’s genetic structure was in flux, and biological structures common with several different species of terrestrial animals were beginning to manifest.

SCP-XXX appears to be a form of symbiont that has integrated itself into SCP-XXX-01’s digestive tract. During the digestion process, SCP-XXX samples the DNA of consumed biological material and incorporates it into SCP-XXX-01’s physiology. The most prominent traits are inevitably proportionate to the largest and most recent samples of DNA introduced into the subject’s system.

Experiment log #XXX-01

Subject fed approx 1kg of common beef.
Result: Subject did not experience expected reaction to the consumption of raw meat. Digestive process noted being nearly 300% more efficient. Skin became noticeably leathery and vestigial horns began to manifest.

Subject fed approx 1kg of fresh venison.
Result: Increased growth of bodily hair noted, with shift in texture and structure in line with donor species. Horns continued to grow, becoming more antler-like. Feet have almost completely shifted into hoof-like structures.

Subject fed 5kg of reptilian muscle tissue. Placed in isolation chamber for six hours, internal temperature slowly reduced to near-freezing levels.
Result: Reptilian features begin to form, partially overwriting absorbed mammalian traits. Just prior to the 5 hour mark, subject suffered cardiac arrest and was successfully resuscitated only after the room's temperature was raised.
Conclusion: SCP-XXX does not choose DNA based on current environmental conditions.

Subject fed a variety of fresh vegetables and grains.
Result: SCP-XXX-01 experiences minor chemical and genetic changes, but does not manifest any plant-based biological structures.
Conclusion: Inconclusive. More testing with plant-based DNA required.

Subject instructed to consume large qualities of mealworms.
Result: SPC-XXX-01 instructs attending researchers to go [Expletive redacted] themselves.

Dr. ██████ ████ - It’s at this point in our experimentation that we notice a definite change in SCP-XXX-01’s behavior. Subject’s IQ has suffered a noticeable drop, and patterns of animalistic behavior are beginning to emerge. Territorial and nesting habits have clearly manifested, and the subject has become much more aggressive in manner, particularly towards other males.

Dr. ███ ███ - Small favor that SCP-XXX-01 had a withdrawn and somewhat timid personally to begin with. Otherwise he’d be butting heads with security staff by now.

Dr. ██ ██████ - Too late. After Dr. ██████ ████ suggested taking semen samples for testing, agent ███ started cracking ‘furry’ jokes and had to be taken to the infirmary. Fortunately it’s only a mild concussion. I suggest we hold off feeding SCP-XXX-01 anything particularly aggressive until we know just how much SCP-XXX's mutagenic abilities can affect his mental faculties.

Subject told he is being fed bear meat. Actual tissue harvested from cadaver of D-class operative noted for genius-level intelligence.
Result: Standardized IQ test administered. New material results in rise of subject’s estimated IQ to nearly 160. Researchers note subject becomes slightly more ‘human’ in form and psychology.

Subject fed tissue from cadaver of D-class operative with borderline mental retardation and several genetic disorders.
Result: Subject’s IQ suffer a marked decrease but does not exhibit any of operative D-████’s noted mental or physical disabilities. Subject’s eye and fur pigmentation alters slightly, but animalistic features are still prominent.
Conclusion: Theory put forth that SCP-XXX somehow tests and discards faulty genetic material.

Subject fed samples of rattlesnake to test development of more complex structures.
Result: After a much longer period and greater DNA input then previous experiments, subject begins to develop small venom glands.
Conclusion: SPC-XXX is capable of creating complex biological formations and cell structures not normally present in human anatomy. Further experiments are required to test subject’s control of new organs. Venom samples successfully harvested and sent for analysis.

Dr. ██████ ████ - SCP-XXX-01 went into shock shortly after the last experiment when his mostly mammalian body began to reject the new chemical processes developed by the reptilian DNA. While many DNA sequences are shared among terrestrial species, it doesn't seem like SCP-XXX will let us mix and match DNA as we please. It may be possible to coax the process in a particular direction, but we'll need to run some simulations to get an idea of what traits can safely be combined. For now, I advise restrictions on the number of different DNA samples introduced to SCP-XXX-01 at any one time.

Final Conclusions: SCP-XXX was likely introduced to its current host after SCP-XXX-01 consumed its previous host. (SCP-XXX-01 reported his first symptoms after returning from a camping trip) Normally, parasites would enjoy safety and a reliable food supply after infecting an apex predator, but the host creature would inevitably find itself lower on the food chain after a short period of time. There is currently no satisfactory theory on the reason for the absorption mechanic.

Until a better alternative presents itself, SCP-XXX-01 is to be told he is being fed chemicals that suppress the activity of SCP-XXX. Human DNA samples are to be thoroughly tested for genetic abnormalities and undesirable traits (sociopathy, extreme aggression, independent thought) and will be administered regularly when SCP-XXX is not undergoing experimentation.

Experiment log #XXX-02

Testing with organic SCP’s pending approval.

Initially suggested SCPs: SCP-003, -075, -127, -318, -517, -524, -548, -594, -631, -656 and -682.

Dr. ██████ ████ - Oh ████ no. I’m not even going to ask who added SCP-682 to the list. I admit it’s tempting to see if SCP-XXX-01 can reproduce some of the stranger biologies we’ve seen over the years. Not having to worry about being killed in a variety of increasingly horrible ways while you’re trying to work is certainly tempting, but Keter-classes are bad enough on their own and we don’t need to attempt mixing them all together into a single creature. I’ll submit an edited proposal consisting of Safe and a few Euclid level SCPs for review.

Dr. █████ - Too late. I overheard that Gen. ███████ has already submitted a request to O5-█ for immediate testing with Keter-level SCPs. He’s salivating at the prospect of all those abilities wrapped up in one little obedient package.

Dr. █████ - You know, if we induce a sufficient level of alteration into SCP-XXX-01, he might be able to pass as a member of a particular SCP species. Consider the anthropological applications.


Dr. ██████ ████ - For the last time, we are not taking votes on which animal to feed SCP-XXX-01 next. This is my project, not Dr. Right’s. Nothing involving tentacles will even be considered for testing.

Dr. ██████ ████ - Until further notice, all designated test samples must come from male animals. Anyone attempting to supply female genetic material will be reprimanded. I think we’ve traumatized SCP-XXX-01 enough for the time being. I'll also ask attending personnel to refrain from excessively quoting 4chan memes.

Dr. ██████ ████ - to prevent uncontrolled mutation, I’ve decided to designate SCP-294 as SCP-XXX-01’s main food source for the time being. A cup of ‘Something that provides SCP-XXX-01 with needed nutrients without triggering SCP-XXX’s mutagenic abilities’ has proven successful in its intent against all tests performed.

Due to subject's heightened aggression coupled with development of neurotoxin generation abilities, upgrade to Euclid class is being considered. SCP-XXX-01 is also currently undergoing psychiatric treatment for psychological disorders arising as a result of the repeated bodily and neurological alteration. Subject has requested tutoring in fields of biology and genetics. Deemed beneficial to subject’s mental state, request approved. As early tests noted a drop in IQ and alterations in brain chemistry and neural structures that favored instinctual reactions over the processes of higher logic, regular mental exercises will be mandated to assist in the preservation of his intellectual faculties.

Due to his enhanced physical abilities and possibility of ‘customization’ for use against specific threats, use of SCP-XXX-01 in field work pending 05-level consideration.

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