Dr. Cao Cao
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be contained in open-view for researchers to read in Site-96's library on top of the pedestal containing other book SCPs deemed safe enough to access among researchers. The pedestal is located in the central library hub. As a reminder from the librarian, books exhibiting supernatural or relating towards supernatural phenomenon in Site-96's care are not to be taken by one individual at a time as there may be other researchers needing the same book. Researchers must ask for security clearance from level 3 or higher Foundation personnel in order to study the memetic side-effects of those chapters. All requests to replicate the book to conveniently study at home should be delivered to the site manager though all censorship of chapters 6 to 8 will not be lifted.Requests to replicate the artifact are not permitted. In the case of Incident-X, alert Mobile Task Force

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 12 in X 5 in X 3.5 in book created by an alleged reality bender known as Charles Sullivan that attempts to detail the anomalous conception, properties, and the overall scope of reality benders and their place in quantum mechanics. Analysis of the book indicates no memetic affects are inherited into readers as testing has shown readers suffer no direct illness both mentally and physically from observing the artifact's contents. The request to test reading of this book with individuals possessing reality-altering properties has been denied.

The Reality Bender's Guide To The Cosmos, as it is titled, is a 349 page book containing 12 chapters, New Times Roman font, several noted coffee stains on its contents page and a generic CD-ROM envelop. Descriptions from within the interactive sections of the book suggest the optic disk related with the artifact was to be inserted in a standard CD-ROM drive platform . Additionally, while the book remains under the Foundation's supervision, the actual CD-ROM portion's whereabouts remain unknown.

According to the artifact, chapters 1-6 describe what creates a reality bender while chapters 6-8 contain information on how to prepare human bodies to the conditioning of implanting Sul comprised genes. The author originally claims he designated Sul particles in atoms which have been allegedly found in the atomic designs belonging to human individuals possessing reality altering properties. Chapters 6 to 8 have slight memetic properties as testing concludes subjects will experience no transitory experience from approaching chapter 6 to 8 or while reading it, but symptoms usually appear after finishing the last page of chapter 8. Testing indicates subjects have one of the following symptoms, never more than one at the same time:

  1. After 6 minutes of closing the book or reading onward from their current position, subject's fall into a deep REM. Upon completing the book, subject will wake up indefinitely. Detaching the book from the reader will not render the subject into a state of consciousness again.
  2. Subjects are briefly able to show the ability to telepathically alter the position of an object 12 feet away for approximately 10-12 minutes after reading. Objects usually weigh around 10 or less grams. Rereading will not grant the subject his/her abilities again however.
  3. If the other conditions remain false, the third possibility will most likely occur. Subjects will start writing with any type of writing implement on whatever object is available with what appears to be important footnotes from the book after 1 hour of reading. Approximately after 30 minutes, the subject will remain passive towards all questions regarding the footnotes. A common variable Two common variables found in patterns of various footnotes researchers have gathered suggest a line of dialogue not present in any line of the book.

The first phrase, "I don't ask for your success, I ask you to endure" appears for the majority of the time.

However, the phrase,
"Dismantle the crown, the heart, and the root of Keter, we wait as glitches in the dark fog of creation/collapse." appears at infrequent and rare spans of time.

It was acquired from Victoria City, Hong Kong on 6/23/10 when Agents Xiang and James first heard of rumors surrounding the knowledge of anomalous events only Foundation databases would have access to. Investigations traced the source back to an obscure bookstore where both agents walked in inquiring of the book's existence. The store manager stated the bookstore took in freelance books from many writers and had the first draft of the artifact. After skimming through several chapters, it immediately became clear the author had not only precise knowledge of several anomalous events that only Foundation personnel have access to, but conjectured through his manuscript that he himself was a reality bender. Luckily, agents arrived in time to find the apartment owner selling all of Mr. Sullivan's personal possessions to pay off rental fees not covered for approximately 6 months in the event of Mr. Sullivan's disappearance. When questioned, the owner shrugged as to the whereabouts of Mr. Sullivan presently and maintained not many knew him outside of his self-contained privacy. However, the owner continued claiming that brief interaction with Mr. Sullivan revealed him to be a pleasant and kind individual if not shy. No documentation or archives pertaining to the existence of the author were obtained by the Foundation from birth certification to all previous addresses related to residency.

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