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Item #: SCP-1722

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1722 is to be kept in an air-conditioned aluminum storage container measuring 2m x 0.5m x 0.5m in Site 17. One guard is to be stationed outside the unit in order to report any abnormalities. Though SCP-1722 is humanoid, it does not require sustenance of any sort. Interaction with the subject is strictly prohibited under normal circumstances. Highly religious Christian personnel are prohibited from contact with SCP-1722 under all circumstances.

Description: SCP-1722 is a humanoid of undetermined age. It stands approximately 1.75m tall at its height and has no consistent weight. SCP-1722 appears to be of Middle-Eastern descent and has hazel eyes and dark brown hair.

SCP-1722 displays substantial regenerative properties. Though regeneration generally takes a substantial amount of time, if undeterred, the subject can heal itself completely. However, due to the speed at which this process occurs, SCP-1722 generally appears to suffer from ailments in the same way humans do. Though SCP-1722 can be killed by conventional means, it can still regenerate itself back to life. Only tissues directly attached to the largest part of SCP-1722 possess any regenerative properties at all, rendering duplication impossible.

SCP-1722 no longer possesses useful higher brain function. This is theorized to have been caused by spending an extended1 period in the location that the subject was discovered in. Though there is no persistent brain damage, SCP-1722 is far too mentally ill for any useful information to be ascertained. The subject is unable to speak, perform complicated activities, and has acute photophobia.

SCP-1722 was discovered in a small cave under the West Bank after an explosion during the Six Day War opened it up. The IDF unit there claimed to find a corpse in the opening, but then said it changed position significantly within the cave before evacuation could occur. The Foundation quickly apprehended the "corpse" and administered Class A amnesiacs to notified Israeli personnel.

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