Researcher B Murray
Initial photograph from retrieval of SCP-1422

Item #: SCP-1422

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1422 is to be stored in a windowed an enclosed room, hung via mounting hook in the center of a wall. The room must be constantly lit by three halogen lamps (minimum 200 watts), arranged to ensure the subject is well illuminated at all times.

In the event of power failure, all personnel are to immediately implement Emergency Evacuation Procedure 4-B until power is restored. If access to SCP-1422's containment chamber is necessary during such a blackout, personnel are to only enter when in possession of handheld lighting devices providing a minimum ambient illumination of 50 lux, and are to keep such devices trained upon SCP-1422 at all times. Halogen lamps are to be checked daily for functionality, and bulbs are to be changed weekly. Any unusual equipment failures or anomalies are to be immediately fixed, and an incident report filed to Dr. ██████.

All lighting equipment which has been exposed to SCP-1422 is to be immediately destroyed by incineration. Personnel assigned to work on maintenence or research on the object must be able to work effectively without vision correcting glasses or lens.

Description: SCP-1422 is a wall-hanging mirror measuring 48cm x 20cm x 2cm, consisting of a pane of silver-backed glass mounted on a thick wooden frame. Neither the mirror or the frame have tested positive for any anomalous materials, although the mirror's surface has shown an abnormal resistence to scratching for glass. No manufacturing marks or age indicators are visible, although the number 8 has been ornately carved into the bottom right corner on the reverse side of the frame at an indeterminable date.

When kept in bright illumination, SCP-1422 appears to be in an inactive state, although subjects within the room often express feelings of non-specific discomfort. Unverified and as yet unsubstantiated reports from researchers and subjects report lights in the vicinity of SCP-1422 flickering, though this could be a paranoid delusion borne of aforementioned discomfort.

When in illumination levels lower than 0.6 lux (viewed as near to total darkness to the ordinary human eye), subjects in the room are heard to emit sounds of distress which are abruptly cut off, before disappearing without trace. No person who has come under this effect has so far returned or been located. D-Class Personnel exposed to SCP-1422 at illumination levels between 1 and 2 lux who tested highly on retinal rod cell receptivity on their physical exams have reported seeing dark shapes in the mirror's reflection not seemingly present within the room. Some subjects have claimed to have seen the shapes move around and surrounding their mirror image.

Reflective surfaces which have been in the vicinity of SCP-1422 in low illumination have been observed via tests to have similar abnormal shadow movement when placed under low illumination levels. The method of transmission of these effects is unknown, although testing on a variety of inanimate specimens appears to indicate that larger objects are affected at greater distance from SCP-1422, while the reverse trend is observed in smaller reflective objects. Transmission between infected reflective objects has been confirmed.

Experiment Log 1422-1A:

Date: ██-██-████
Subject: Subject D-1422-01 (31-year-old Asian male)
Procedure: D-1422-01 equipped with radio communication device and instructed to maintain spoken commentary about surroundings and occurances. Subject entered containment room, where power to lights was subsequently cut for 30 seconds.
Outcome: Subject reported no auditory or visual anomalies, but mentioned a feeling of uneasiness and "being watched". 16 seconds after power was cut, D-1422-01 emitted a high-pitched scream for 1.2 seconds. No further contact established.

Experiment Log 1422-1B:

Date: ██-██-████
Subject: Subject D-1422-02 (44-year-old Caucasian male)
Procedure: D-1422-02 equipped with radio communication device and GPS transmitter. Subject entered containment room, where power to lights was subsequently cut for 30 seconds.
Outcome: 9 seconds after power was cut, D-1422-02 shouted an expletive. No further contact established. GPS signal determined as still active, but attempts at tracing its location have failed.

Experiment Log 1422-1C:

Date: ██-██-████
Subject: Subject D-1422-03 (24-year-old Caucasian female)
Procedure: D-1422-03 equipped with radio communication device. Infrared camera installed with SCP-1422 and D-1422-03 within field of view. Subject entered containment room, where power to lights was subsequently cut for 15 seconds.

Addendum 1422-1
Access to SCP-1422 containment room restricted to authorised workers with Level 2 clearance and D-Class personnel only as of ██-██-20██.

Ms. ████ ███████ (Worker 2-1422) found dead in toilet cubicle in personal quarters. Post-mortem results indicate death through massive blood loss; subject appeared to have attempted surgical self-removal of eyeballs with standard issue kitchen butter knife. Examination of personal emails and diary suggest subject had been complaining of abnormal flickering of vision for several days, but had yet to seek medical attention. Subject's eyeballs too extensively damaged for post-mortem study.

Destruction of all cameras and lighting equipment used in research or future containment of SCP-1422 authorised. No further exposure of any reflective surface to SCP-1422 ordered by Dr. ██████.

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