The Third Gender


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-FUCKWHAT seems to appear randomly and rarely amongst the general population, Foundation Individuals are authorized to access all known databases of the public's genetics, with a focus on those of infants or children who may be affected. Individuals affected by SCP-FUCKWHAT are to be known as SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 with the appropriate designation following. Only 102 individuals of SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 have been identified and located since it's discovery in 19XX, but statistics of appearance are extrapolated from known birthrates in North America, Europe, and Eastern Asia, with additional data from the Indian-Middle Eastern areas and Australia. It is difficult to acquire proper statistics from areas where birthrates and the state of infants are less controlled or often times go unrecorded in total, so the current number of SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 not contained is an estimated 3000 to 4000 worldwide.

While this statistic would normally pose an immense issue for containment, SCP-FUCKWHAT's relatively benign nature and inability to propagate its main form through any known means other than random mutation make tracking and retrieving SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 a tedious task, but not an emergency one.
Identified adult SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 are to be retrieved under cover of government, police, or otherwise legal action in non-aggressive ways, when possible. Infant or child instance of SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 may be retrieved under cover of child mortality or criminal abduction, thus reducing the need for time and effort wasted on cover-ups.

The official SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 habitat is present at Sub-Site 17-B. The current living 78 (seventy-eight) individuals of SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 are largely compliant or incapable of aggressive or escape-based behavior, but the SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 habitat is capable of being hermetically sealed and the air supply infused with a mild soporific (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX of SCP Foundation design) until dangerous activity passes and may be remedied either with behavioral conditioning therapy, or application of low-grade amnesiacs. Previous methods of control (including partial lobotomy, non-sedated electroshock therapy, and limb reduction) are currently considered to be a waste of medical supplies, and are only to be used in the most extreme cases as of 200X.

SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 are not to have unsupervised interaction with both non-SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 individuals, and amongst themselves, although SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 may be allowed to engage in light social behavior amongst themselves and the current research staff assigned to them.

Description: SCP-FUCKWHAT is an apparently spontaneous chromosomal mutation found in approximately 1 (one) out of every 200,000,000 (two hundred million) humans, roughly 0.0000005%. The mutation manifests consistently in all known examples of the condition. There is no identified genetic or environmental predisposition towards parents for producing SCP-FUCKWHAT. SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 appear outwardly unremarkable, physically indistinguishable from an average human being except in matters of physical sex and genetics.

SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 is described as appearing superficially similar to "effeminate males", with a lack of of breasts or exaggeration of the hips, but also lacking in the typical shoulder width or defined musculature and skeleton features that men typically display, such as jaw definition. The overall build is proportionally bland, roughly midway between female and male average in base.

The major difference between SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 and typical human beings is in that they have neither female or male genitals, but rather a unique set, as well as a genetic difference.

The genetic difference is in the sexual chromosomes (23rd Chromosomal Pair), exhibiting the standard X chromosome present in human sexes, but rather than the typical X or Y chromosome denoting female or male, the chromosome present is nearly double the length of the X chromosome and of unknown origin. Initially believed to be a recurring copy error of the X chromosome, intensive study shows that this unique chromosome (Hereby referred to as SCP-FUCKWHAT-A) is not inherited from either parent, but appears to generate spontaneously (if exceedingly rarely) in the male parent's gametes.

SCP-FUCKWHAT-A are identical in all instances of SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 except for a single known case (See addendum SCP-FUCKWHAT-1B).

SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 have reproductive genitalia outwardly and cursorily resembling those of an intersexed individual. The genitals appear to be a pseudophallus formed of the fused labioscrotal folds and genital tubercle early in development, capable of erection but laterally bisected along the lower length, effectively making the genitals of SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 dual-purpose as both male and female sexual organs, complete with both a facsimile prepuce and labia. The "false prepuce" and the "false labia" of the genitals is edged with small, fleshy "cilla" that have been observed forming a seal during certain periods of arousal, allowing for apparent male ejaculation. This organ also contains the urethral opening, and may partially enclose both the perineum and anus. Identification of SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 by observation of genitals is not always possible (see addendum SCP-FUCKWHAT-1-006).

Due to a lucky circumstance, observation of the embryonic, fetal, and youth stages of SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 (see addendum SCP-FUCKWHAT-1-020) was possible, offering insight into the modification of existing human genitals. The internal genitals are formed in equal parts from both the paramesonephric ducts and mesonephric duct, although curiously the gonads are underdeveloped, resulting in little more than a swelling of the inner membrane of the mesothelial layer of the peritonium that serves to develop SCP-FUCKWHAT-2 (described further in report).

SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 internal genitals initially resemble neither male nor female reproductive systems, lacking prominent separate gonads. The "gonad" consists of a single swelling, rather than dual individual organs, attached to modifications of both the paramesonephric and mesonephric ducts, acting as various vesicles to transport SCP-FUCKWHAT-2 as well as to generate additional sexual secretions, in a manner similar to that of a standard human being of either gender.

The most unique trait of the SCP-FUCKWHAT genitals, though, is a pair of typically coiled tubes that rest within the body, developed from an unknown organ that appears early in embryonic development with no obvious human parallel. These tubes are considered the "true" reproductive organs, and are connected directly to the gonad. These tubes, roughly a single millimeter in length at their thickest, are typically a foot in length, and are both capable of extremely fast and precise, nigh prehensile movement when unfurled. They are hollow, and use fluid pressure to carry SCP-FUCKWHAT-2 into SCP-FUCKWHAT-3, individuals who have been sexual partners with members of SCP-FUCKWHAT-1 and are thusly affected by SCP-FUCKWHAT-2.

The reproductive tubes, during intercourse, are capable of entering the genitals of standard humans, through liberal application and secretion of lubricants, acid-neutralizing agents, and force. On males, one or both of the tubes will be inserted into the urethral opening of the penis, and make their way through the reproductive tract until they are capable of "infecting" the seminiferous tubules. On females, the process is similar, involving the tubes extending past the cervix, into the fallopians in order to infect any immature ovum present.

SCP-FUCKWHAT-2 then begins its work, attacking the relevant cells through a complex process in which the genetic material of the reproductive cells is manipulated and partially replaced.
SCP-FUCKWHAT-2 is the apparent sexual gamete produced by SCP-FUCKWHAT. Although it has been theorized that SCP-FUCKWHAT-2 is not, in fact, a produced gamete but rather a heavily modified retrovirus, current evidence points to SCP-FUCKWHAT-2 being a sexual gamete with behavior similar to that of a retrovirus. When SCP-FUCKWHAT-2 come into contact with


paramesonephric ducts
mesonephric duct

The Forgotten Phylum

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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: Is a previously unidentified Phylum of Near-Vertebrates. Originally classified under Chordata, genetic dissimilarity, fossil evidence, and physiology differences have led them to be classified as a separate phylum.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Neochordate
Class: Extrariuvermis
Subclass: Pseudolampetra
Order: Muliebrivolves
Family: Semeninfestus



Semenofilia lilitubatic - "Lilith's Sinful Snakes"
Semenofilia mellitunidor

Crepuscimmanitas cruentus
Crepuscimmanitas strigoi
Crepuscimmanitas cullens

Dulcidisceleris volvavorax
Dulcidisceleris famulatus
Dulcidisceleris ignavummunda
Dulcidisceleris domiberrime

Macellarius sepelio
Macellarius saevio
Macellarius lacscinder

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

Item #: SCP-1064

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1064 is to be kept in a 7.62 m by 7.62 m (25 feet) room located at Site-██. Due to limits of physical strength and capability, SCP-1064's potential for escape is negligible given a deadbolt door. For precautionary measures, SCP-1064's room should be considered and rendered airtight to the best of possibilities, due to the potential presence of airborne pathogens.
SCP-1064 is to be examined and repaired every 3 months by an on-site orthopedic surgeon.

Description: SCP-1064 is an animate human male skeleton of inconclusive dating. SCP-1064 is around 1.75 meters (Approx. 5'8") in height and weighs 30.45 kg (67.17 pounds). All examinations have revealed that SCP-1064 is nothing more than a normal human skeleton, and so far its methods of movement and speech are unknown.

SCP-1064 does not respond to verbal or written questions, but does speak and write in archaic english. SCP-1064's behavior is best described as irrational and hysterical, regularly repeating a variant of the nursery rhyme "Ring around the Roses" with variable tone and lyrics.

When exposed to a living human being, SCP-1064 will physically assault the individual. SCP-1064 is difficult to damage, but has strength appropriate to that of a healthy male individual of the same size. SCP-1064 will attempt to render the individual immobile, and begin to strip them of clothes, examining the skin of the feet, underarms, pelvic area, and neck.

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