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All currently contained instances of SCP-618, in a ventilated area.

Item #: SCP-618

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-618 is to be held in a standard containment locker, located in Site-77's Safe SCP wing. The ventilation shaft leading to SCP-618's containment locker has been equipped with air filters to prevent the spread of SCP-618's effect. All personnel assigned to SCP-618 are to be given weekly medical assessments and physicals in order to check if they are affected by SCP-618.

Description: SCP-618 designates 18 Cuban cigars, approximately 116 mm, RG 40 (15,87 mm). Each SCP-618 is constantly producing smoke from within the wrapper, whether or not any form of combustion has taken place. All subjects have described the smoke as incredibly appealing, whether or not they find normal tobacco smoke attractive.

If a living subject breathes the smoke produced by SCP-618, they will begin to develop soreness in their throat, lungs, and other internal organs. Unless surgical intervention is taken, these sores will develop into cancerous tumors within 72 hours. These tumors will grow continuously as long as they are being exposed to SCP-618's smoke. If removed from the direct presence of SCP-618, the tumors will begin producing identical smoke.

SCP-618 tumors will begin to press the muscles and bones of affected subjects, pressuring them to move to bars, gentlemen's clubs, parties, and other places where the smoke produced by SCP-618 to be unnoticed. Subjects who become affected by SCP-618 will gather together, in groups of five or six subjects.

At this point, SCP-618 affected subjects will be physically forced into casual position such as being seated or leaning against a solid surface. Note that by this point, subjects are unable to speak or move on their own due to the prevalence of the cancer, and usually do not survive. As the remains of the subjects continue to stay in this area, their bodies will emanate large amounts of smoke, and instances of SCP-618 will grow from their lips. This will continue until the subject begins to decompose.

SCP-618 was initially recovered from a residential home in ███████, FL. Seven subjects seated in the homeowner's study were found to have distended abdomens and chest cavities, with numerous tumors and cysts in and on their bodies. All bodies had unlit instances of SCP-618 in their mouths, and were producing smoke. Autopsies of the victims showed substantial cancerous growths and inflammation throughout their body, which had forced them into sitting positions around the table. SCP-618 was classified as Safe and contained on 09/19/1995.

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