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Item #: SCP-3301

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The building around SCP-3301 has been seized by a Foundation front company and closed off from public use. Guards on a regular rotation will ensure possible intruders are turned away.

The byproduct will be collected in vacuum-sealed containers and and disposed of under standard HMCL protocol. The building around SCP-3301 has been disconnected from the public water system and the drain in SCP-3301's room has been sealed.

Description: SCP-3301 is the cadaver of an unidentified human male of indeterminate age and ethnic origin, located in the basement of [REDACTED], a former high school in San Diego, California. An iron chain wrapped around its left ankle suspends SCP-3301 upside-down from the ceiling. All attempts to remove the chain or SCP-3301 have met with failure. If SCP-3301 is damaged or removed, it will reappear intact as soon as attention is taken off of it.

SCP-3301's throat has been cut. Blood continuously drips from the wound at a rate of 2 liters an hour. The source of the injury or how such a large quantity of fluid is produced is unknown. Testing has shown the blood to be chemically identical to that of a normal human. A drain positioned beneath SCP-3301 funneled the liquid into the San Diego water system until it was sealed by the Foundation upon discovery.

Human beings who consume even small amounts of SCP-3301's blood1 will undergo a drastic psychological change. From that point on, they will focus solely on attempting to suspend themselves by their ankle in a similar fashion to SCP-3301. They begin by attempting to find a suitable location, the criteria for which varies from person to person. Typically they will seek out highly populated areas such as telephone and electrical poles, apartment balconies, and the interiors of public buildings. From there, they will attempt to convince passers-by to join them. However, some will seek out areas with limited traffic such as woodlands, caves, and abandoned buildings. In cases where a group or family is affected simultaneously, they will seek to suspend themselves near one another. Until they find a place that satisfies them, they will speak aloud about the insuitability of other locations they come across. What causes for these preferences is unknown and has no consistent pattern.

Those affected will prioritize this goal over any regard for subsistence, personal safety, or social norms. If necessary, they will maim or kill anyone who impedes their attempts. If questioned about their actions, they will claim they're necessary, and show distress at other's lack of understanding. However, they are unable to explain the reasons behind these feelings.

Once successful, they will report significantly improved happiness and personal satisfaction. Any attempts to remove them will be met with violence.

142 instances of humans affected by SCP-3300 are known to the Foundation. 107 have been sedated and placed into Foundation custody. 31 have refused and are kept under observation in their homes. 4 have expired from unknown causes.

C█████ M██████ is a 38 year old female of Ethiopian descent currently affected by SCP-3300. Her family has agreed to allow the Foundation to take charge of her care. The following interview was conducted while in-processing her into Foundation containment. Interview was conducted by Dr. K███

M██████: How's the view from down there?

Dr. K███: It's raising some questions. Mind if we talk?

M██████: Well, it's not like I'm going anywhere. [laughs]

Dr. K███: The obvious one is why you're doing this.

M██████: I just needed a change in perspective.

Dr. K███: How come?

M██████: All my life I've been approaching my problems from the same angle. I realized, what was the point? Isn't it insane to keep trying the same things over and over? If I really want to fix things, I need to start from the root cause.

Dr. K███: By suspending yourself from a balcony?

M██████: Yes! Everything is so much clearer now.

Dr. K███: In what ways?

M██████: You'd know if you tried it.

Dr. K███: Perhaps some other time.

M██████: [laughs] It'll be sooner than you think.

Dr. K███: We will see. Do you remember what prompted your decision?

M██████: I had an epiphany. I was looking around and I realized my whole life I'd been seeing things wrong. We go our whole lives and only see one world. It's like we're blind. You know, when we first see things they're upside-down. But then our brain flips them. Why do you think that is? What is it trying to hide? From here I see all the patterns, all the secret pieces.

Dr. K███: Kept secret by whom?

M██████: Who else? We do it to ourselves. We're ostriches, acting like not seeing means not being. But it doesn't matter if we see. The holes are already made and the enemy is leaking through.

Dr. K███: What enemy are you referring to?

M██████: Why do you keep asking about things you don't understand? If you really want to know, climb up here. Save yourself the trouble of waiting until it's too late. Eventually everyone's going to hang and all that's going to matter is who made it in time.

Dr. K███: What happens if we don't?

M██████: Drink his word and you'll have your answers. You know where to find it.

Mrs. M██████ refused to answer any further questions on the subject. Interview with other affected persons have produced similar results.

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