<rumetzen> who wants to bet i can write a mainlist scp article involving senior staff members and author avatars acting like they're in a friends-esque sitcom
<Solo> hey what happened to that oedipus hawk scip?
<Solo> is it still up?
<AidenEldritch> his boss is anqxyr, a tough-talking Russian cyborg
<WestyDude> rumetzen: I'll bet you

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<AidenEldritch> and he is constantly pestered by his best friend and shit-talker Jacob Kens
<Solo> rumetzen: do it
<WestyDude> If it survives, I change my profile pic to whatever you want for a week

  • Dr0Shadow expects no one to say yes. He is right

<WestyDude> Other way around if it dies

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<rumetzen> WestyDude, done
<rumetzen> WestyDude, are you westrin on the wiki?
<WestyDude> Yes
<Avocadonut> anqxyr is saltier than jarvis or so i've heard
<DrZedHunter> IM BACK
<WestyDude> rumetzen: Yes
<DrZedHunter> DAMN WIFI
<rumetzen> nice nice
<shaggydredlocks> rumetzen: do eet

20<rumetzen>30 hmmm
20<rumetzen>30 odd thought
20<rumetzen>30 weird religions among foundation members
20<rumetzen>30 like how many of them worship like
20<rumetzen>30 a random insect god they met on a mission years ago
18<SunnyClockwork18> o-o
20<rumetzen>30 or a pantheon from an alien planet
20<rumetzen>30 i bet there would even be a few less-orthodox broken god worshipers
18<TwistedGears18> I imagine it might happen occasionally but given how intrusive the foundation often is I doubt it'd last particularly long
18<TwistedGears18> Especially when amnestics are so readily available
20<rumetzen>30 yeah but if they're not actively aiding the enemy it's not really an issue
20<rumetzen>30 no different from being jewish or buddhist or something
18<TwistedGears18> true but given how gods can work, believing could be powering them
18<SunnyClockwork18> probably will be seen as some sort of mindaffecting skips and the members will get amnesitics?
18<SunnyClockwork18> <_< I mean I dobut Foundation would let you worship a random entity you encounter in a mission
18<SunnyClockwork18> hi TG
18<SunnyClockwork18> um no
18<TwistedGears18> Hi Sunny!
20<rumetzen>30 yes but i'm also going to headcanon the route that opens the most interesting storytelling possibilities
20<rumetzen>30 author fiat
18<TwistedGears18> lol
18<TwistedGears18> oh no I won't dispute it could make for a cool story
20<rumetzen>30 and like i said, they could be low-key about it
18<SunnyClockwork18> Foundation would suspect if the entity has some mind affecting ability
18<SunnyClockwork18> and they would interfere, whether that is the case or not
18<SunnyClockwork18> <_< as for Broken God believers I think that depends on how willing the Foundation want to cooperate with CotBG and such in a certain universe
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20<rumetzen>30 they never have to /tell/ the foundation

20<rumetzen>30 maybe if the foundation had unknowingly created an entity based on its nature
20<rumetzen>30 like, some theological shadow they leave
18<TwistedGears18> god of containment
18<TwistedGears18> or willful ignorance, or something, idk
20<rumetzen>30 god of control
20<rumetzen>30 forcing everything to meet its own worldview

<rumetzen>30 how many duck based scps do we have
20<rumetzen>30 do you think enough for me to write a tale about some elder-duck god that's the source of all of them
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18<ARD18> !SCP-2664
18<Glacon18> ARD: - Q U A C K - Q U A C K
20<rumetzen>30 fuck it if GAW can become a fucking thing
20<rumetzen>30 my duck-god goi can too
19<ARD> rumetzen: before you write the duck skips have you got those blurbs for the current skips
20<rumetzen>30 ARD, i have two left
20<rumetzen>30 so like 20 minutes
19<ARD> rumetzen: nice. !SCP-2664 is at your quack and call
18<Glacon18> ARD: - Q U A C K - Q U A C K
20<rumetzen>30 thank you
18<ARD18> duck god is a worthy cause
20<rumetzen>30 man i have so many ideas for scp things that i actually need to write
20<rumetzen>30 that'll be my 2017 goal
20<rumetzen>30 after i finish my last college app
18<ARD18> good luck!
20<rumetzen>30 wait holy fuck
20<rumetzen>30 ffb wrote a new xyank tale
18<ARD18> yea
20<rumetzen>30 nice
20<rumetzen>30 ARD,
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19<ARD> Thanks rumetzen
20<rumetzen>30 np
19<ARD> rumetzen: let me know when to crosslink 2664 into the duck god GOI
20<rumetzen>30 kk
20<rumetzen>30 how bad would it be if the duck god
20<rumetzen>30 was
20<rumetzen>30 a pair of ducks
20<rumetzen>30 oh god
20<rumetzen>30 yeah i've got this
19<AidenEldritch> rume you're the worst

rumetzen: idea for a tale series
there's some sort of duck elder-god in the scp universe that's responsible for the unusual amount of duck-based anomalies
the duck god is actually twin opposing ducks
a pair of ducks, if you will

Bouncl: stop
wait a minute
think about what you just said

rumetzen: i've been thinking and there is absolutely nothing about this that is a bad idea

Bouncl: try again

rumetzen: no
i'm making this happen
it's gonna be a trilogy

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