Russian Music Box

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe Revised to Euclid, see Incident XXX-1.

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXX is to be contained within a sound-insulated chamber at Site-██. Because SCP-XXX poses no threat of any kind in its' inactive state, no further containment procedures are necessary. However, as per Incident XXX-1, testing with SCP-XXX must be authorized by at least two Lvl. 3 personnel.

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a novelty Music Box, modeled after the Red Square. When closed, SCP-XXX has no anomalous effects or properties besides the ability to apparently reconstitute itself after being damaged. SCP-XXX cannot be completely destroyed; if thrown in a fire, it will continue to rebuild the burned parts of itself til removed. If placed in a crusher and reduced to splinters, it can repair itself given enough time.

SCP-XXX was recovered in ████, ████ in 1998 by Foundation personnel. Mobile Task Force 5 was dispatched to investigate a possible memetic hazard. Upon arrival, MTF-5 discovered a full-scale riot underway in the streets of the town, interspersed with civilians engaged in traditional Russian dancing. After taking the affected civilians into custody, MTF-5 preformed a standard sweep of the town. Agent ████, while searching the home of one Y████ ██████, discovered SCP-XXX in the living room, and opened it, causing SCP-XXX to become active. Loss of contact with MTF-5 occurred within five minutes. Additional personnel were dispatched to investigate, discovering the bodies of MTF-5 around SCP-XXX in a perfect circle. Autopsy revealed exhaustion as the cause of death. SCP-XXX was contained by MTF-7 and placed in the Foundation's custody.

SCP-XXX, when in its' active state, plays complete renditions of Soviet-era Choir Anthems til deactivated. There appears to be no limit to the number of songs SCP-XXX is able to play. There is no evident pattern to SCP-XXX's selection of songs.

SCP-XXX's range when active covers the standard hearing range of a healthy human. When exposed to music played by SCP-XXX, listeners are compelled to stand around SCP-XXX, and will begin to sing in fluent Russian to the music. Dr. ████, who is of Russian descent, noted that nuances in the language that were common in Soviet-era Russia manifest in the subject's voice while exposed to SCP-XXX.

Personnel retrieved from SCP-XXX's range before SCP-XXX's negative effects manifested reported that the experience was 'enjoyable' and 'inspired feelings of patriotism.' Regardless of the subject's physical condition, the subject is also compelled to engage in traditional Russian folk dancing after the first song. In between songs, there is approximately a fifteen-second break, during which subjects become disoriented and confused.
SCP-XXX may be closed and deactivated at this time, but subjects influenced by its' song will refuse to do so when prompted. Subjects exposed to SCP-XXX may also become hostile if derogatory comments towards Russia or the Soviet Union are made within their hearing, up to half an hour after being removed from SCP-XXX's effective range.

If SCP-XXX is allowed to play more than three consecutive songs, it will begin to play war hymns, also in Russian, designed to inspire patriotism and encourage young men to fight for their country. At this point, subjects exposed to SCP-XXX will become completely hostile to human beings who are not under the influence of SCP-XXX.

Subjects exposed to SCP-XXX's hostile state will display cooperation skills on par with teams that have trained and practiced in unison for long periods of time, and can become a major threat if allowed to acquire weaponry. When in this state, subjects will attempt to defend SCP-XXX and prevent its deactivation.

If SCP-XXX is successfully deactivated, subjects influenced by it will remain hostile for a period of time which fluctuates depending on how long a subject has been exposed to XXX. However, hostile subjects will no longer remain around SCP-XXX, and will instead attempt to murder all nearby non-affected human beings and escape containment. As a result, do not test SCP-XXX for more than two songs.

Incident XXX-1:

As part of routine testing with SCP-XXX, three D-Class were instructed to stand around SCP-XXX in a sound-insulated testing chamber. D-524 instructed to open SCP-XXX. Upon opening of SCP-XXX, predictable effects were observed until the end of the fourth song, at which point all three D-Class worked together [DATA EXPUNGED] escaped testing environment.

Due to breach of testing environment, security personnel en-route to contain D-524, 342 and 641 were incapacitated by SCP-XXX. D-524, 342 and 641 [DATA EXPUNGED] gained access to site-██'s armory, singing loudly in Russian [DATA EXPUNGED] resulted in 10 deaths and 6 injuries. D-524, 342 and 641 incinerated. Further testing with SCP-XXX for more than two songs is strongly discouraged.

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