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Thought-Suppressing Grenade


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx is to be contained in a locked, clearly labeled opaque container within Site 45's armory. The box is only to be opened and its contents used under the direction and supervision of Dr. Xiao, or a designate of minimum security clearance level 2. Under no circumstances may SCP-xxx be utilized as a weapon, or carried into a facility housing memetic-based SCPs.

Description: SCP-xxx is a device that appears and operates similar to a M84 stun grenade. At the time of this writing, 26 unused grenades are in Site 45's possession.

The grenades were originally seized by ICE agents on December 19, 2███, as part of a raid on a suspected cartel warehouse and staging ground near Laredo, Texas. The agents were attacked by what was reported by a witness as what appeared to be stun grenades, but with no accompanying flash. The agents were reported to have suddenly become 'unaware' of their surroundings and become listless and apathetic, and were captured by the cartel members to be used as ransom. During the hostage-taking, another grenade was accidentally detonated within the warehouse, incapacitating all combatants. Reports by passers-by of what appeared to be listless walking desert 'zombies' alerted local authorities, and the Foundation was contacted in fear of a memetic hazard or 008-outbreak.

When Foundation agents arrived, the ICE agents were still in a state of stupor, and the cartel members exhibited similar symptoms. All items in and around the warehouse, including the crate of xxx grenades, were seized by containment teams, and all potential witnesses were either given class-C amnesiacs or terminated to protect the secrecy of the Foundation.

The agents recovered 14 days after the attempted raid, and were examined by medical staff for any sign of disease or mutation. CAT scans revealed a change of frontal lobe activity, similar to that of brain damage. At this point, one of the agents became belligerent and began to assault the medical staff, demanding that 'his feelings be returned to him.' The agent was sedated and the two agents were isolated, and the cartel members were also examined and the same damage pattern was revealed, with accompanying aggressive behavioral changes.

The other agent, when questioned, remembered that his partner and him were running towards the warehouse, when he saw a grenade that was thrown at him. The grenade did not produce any noise or other detectable event, but caused him to suddenly stop feeling and thinking, and he reported that it was similar to an 'out of body' experience. When shown a picture of a detonated xxx grenade, he claimed that this was the kind of grenade that was thrown at him and his partner.

One of the grenades that was already detonated was taken in for non-destructive and destructive testing. An internal cutaway of the grenade reveals that the inside is similar to a large crystal that appears to be similar to garnet or to a ruby, yet displays different properties. The firing pin mechanism seems to run on a clockwork-style delay, with the user setting the timer using a dial on the top of the grenade and arming the grenade by flipping the arm outwards. Destructive testing has revealed that the crystal appears to create a 'null' field around itself when a focused concussive force is applied to it, similar to a piezoelectric effect observed in other crystalline structures. This 'null' field appears to only operate on a line-of-sight basis, and the effective field extends outwards to 30 meters radius from the epicenter of detonation.

Four unused grenades were taken to Site 45's testing ground, and a miniature trebuchet apparatus was created, to protect testing personnel. Four D-class personnel were selected to be used as "targets" to explore the effects of the grenade.

D-3416: Serial killer and pedophile, convicted for the rape and ritualistic murder of 4 schoolchildren between the years of 1996 and 2011. Possesses a creative and depraved mind, as recorded by Site 45's psychological team prior to the test. Subject immediately reacted when the primed grenade was tossed at him, and immediately was silent following detonation. When questioned about how the subject was feeling, he replied, "Nothing. Just nothing… a wrong sense of nothingness. I have no idea of what to feel, or why to feel. There's just a feeling of nothing, a thought of nothing…" Subject trailed off and eventually fell into unconsciousness. Subject's CAT scan also revealed damage patterns of the frontal lobe similar to the agents and cartel members. Subject terminated.

D-88425: Former Foundation employee, demoted to D-class for the deliberate release of SCP-███ on a local populace, resulting in over ███,███ civilians terminated and over ██ Foundation personnel deaths. Subject was an art student prior to employment and subsequent condemnation by the Foundation. Subject was noted for being very vocal about the nature of the upcoming experiment, with statements such as, "YOU [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] HAVE NO [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] ABOUT THE FEELINGS OF OTHERS, DO YOU?!" Subject required restraining prior to experiment, and was noted to be extremely distressed prior to detonation. After detonation, subject was noted to be extremely listless and docile for a few minutes, before proceeding to attempt struggle out of restraints, demanding that "YOU [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] GIVE ME BACK MY FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS!" Subject forced to draw a recollection of the thoughts before detonation and shortly after: subject could not make out any sort of thought or response, scribbles noted on paper. Subject killed attempting to break free of restraints and ran into nearby electric fence.

D-6426: Former Foundation employee, condemnation reasons unknown. Prior to test, was exposed momentarily to SCP-370 in an earlier containment breach that resulted in the death/termination of 6 Foundation personnel. Subject's psychological state was noted to be 'happy and giddy, but with suicidal tendencies' by Site 45's psychological team. All testing personnel blindfolded and subject restrained for safety. Upon detonation, subject appeared to stop with a sense of shock and awe for a moment, before the eyeballs exploded and the subject began to hemorrhage from other facial bodily orifices, resulting in death. No 370 reaction noted. Subsequent autopsy revealed that the frontal lobe appeared to be physically damaged by an explosive force in the head, resulting in the eyeballs exploding and the release of blood and bodily fluids from the ears, eye sockets, nose and mouth.

Note from Dr. Xiao: "Interesting - the grenade will wipe the thought-processes and feelings of humans that have not been exposed to memetic threats in the past, but will destroy any who have been in contact with any meme throughout the course of their lifetimes. It seems that the developer of this weapon intended to use it to stop not thoughts and feelings, but to stop memes."

D-42166: Former Foundation employee, condemnation reasons unknown. Subject hidden behind a sand dune and restrained. Upon detonation, subject was noted not to experience any change in mental condition or psychological response. CAT scan revealed no damage to frontal lobe of brain, subject terminated at end of month terminations with no further incident.

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