Sapient Kangaroo
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXX is to be contained in a wilderness preserve of at least 2Km squared surrounded by 15m fences. Special care should be used when approaching SCP-XXX as it can be very aggressive when startled. When providing supplementary food, or engaging in socialization or other testing, researchers are to be equipped with stun guns.

SCP-XXX is allowed clothing such as vests, as well as blankets and pillows. Cooked meat is to be provided on request. SCP-XXX is allowed entertainment in the form of visual art anthologies and novels, and electronic devices so long as their use is supervised.

SCP-XXX is to remain contained as its existence might generate panic if the general public was made aware of it. SCP-XXX has expressed understanding of this necessity.

SCP-XXX shortly after containment. .
SCP-XXX's unusual hand and two opposable thumbs
Radiograph of torso. Detail: high contrast image of surgical alloplasty

Recovery Log
SCP-XXX was recovered after its incursion into our line of history during the autonomous operation of SCP-████.

SCP-XXX superficially resembles individuals of the family Macropodidae, commonly referred to as Kangaroo. Its front paws are, however, equipped with three fingers and two independently opposable thumbs. Other notable differences include large cranial capacity, acute binocular vision, an omnivorous diet (with resultant gastric and intestinal adaptations), and pronounced vocalization abilities. SCP-XXX stands 1.82M tall and weighs 80Kg. Although judging by metabolic function, SCP-XXX appears to be only recently out of adolescence, SCP-XXX claims to be 90 years old.

SCP-XXX is sapient and highly intelligent. SCP-XXX is a member of a species that is most likely sophisticated and certainly tecnologically advanced. When it was recovered, it was armed and had in its possession numerous tools. (see inventory log) Over the course of its captivity, it has proved adept at learning English. It demonstrates marked abilities in logic, mathematics and spatial reasoning. (see interviews) 

SCP-XXX has shown eagerness in having Foundation personnel learn its writing system. Such instructions takes place weekly. SCP-XXX has stated that it would like to write its memoires in its native language and then have them translated into English.

MRI scans have shown that SCP-XXX was operated on for a compound hip fracture with attendant damage to the spine. Metal was fused in its spine and hip in order to remedy the effects of an accident incurred during a recreational sporting activity. Surgical techniques and sample of surgical alloy proved to be highly sophisticated. Surgical alloy shows ability to re-shape itself over time in accordance with SCP-XXX's current regimen of physical activity.

After SCP-XXX was initially captured, it made a successful escape attempt. However, once it realized it was permanently stranded in this timeline it voluntarily surrendered itself to Foundation custody. Since then, it has shows a willingness to cooperate with testing and general attempts at socialization. At times it has even proven to be good humored.

SCP-XXX has been willing, even eager to converse with Foundation researchers on a variety of subjects. The one absolute exception is the use and purpose of one of the tools that was retrieved when it was initially captured (as mentioned in the inventory log).

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