[Data currently undergoing review and awaiting classification]

Subject is a Mr.[DATA REDACTED], 30 years old, approx. 6"0 tall and has an unusually high IQ of 130.
No previous signs of psychological trauma after careful evaluation and subject is in fit shape for his age.

Test Log: [Data awaiting review]

After exposure to the SCP in question subject started behaving strangely after a few hours going from calm to highly psychotic and highly aggressive, subject was unable to attack anyone as he seemed to be wildly hallucinating and completely unaware of his surroundings, subject was shouting strange vulgar and unidentifiable words and was placed in his quarters and observed.
After some cool down time subject began writing down on a few sheets of paper with quite an interest.
The text was digitized and the physical copy [Data Redacted].

The following contains the contents of said subjects writings:

Its coming I can feel it, death is just around the corner, the [Data REDACTED]. I can see him in the corner of my eyes, he disappears when I turn my head.
Its funny how things have happened in the last few…. I, I cant remember, it feels as if I have been here an eternity or maybe just a moment, I'm not sure there is no sense of time.
I don't even know where I am right now, is this real or is it just another hallucination or is it a combination of both spliced together, nothing makes sense anymore.
I remember when I used to be….. I used to be me, but why? why did this happen? WHY ME?
I can feel a tingling sensation on my chest. I may not know reality from fantasy but my intelligence still remains forever taunting me with the knowledge of my condition, I think I'm bleeding out. I've been through a lot these past days, years… minutes, I don't know.
It's just… Am I even alive? Is this even real or am I in Limbo? As i write this down, wait , If I am bleeding out as I think then how am I still writing this.
Is this fake? or this is real? then wheres the blood Oh I forgot, I can't even tell if my own senses are betraying me or not.
If this is real, and I am writing this how come I continue I cant I am continue continuing to write this down, aren't the people around me doing something at all? or do they are they leaving me to my fate, perhaps I am dead or perh perhaps I have been abandoned and forgotten about.
I did overhead the doctor calling me a "failed experiment", or wait, are they expe did they experiment on my? or was that just another lie? Did they doctor even say that? The symbols they taut taunt me, the knowledge burns! the knowledge keeps on pounding my head to the fact that doesn't exist,
I have no answers only more questions, no matter where I go in this god forsaken labyrinth I fxc keep ending up where I skrled started. The path is endless are there are millions, ca no billions, countless turns and each turn part looks all the some same.
I feel weak. The [DATA REDACTED] approaches me, he just stands there, as if pitying me, or this is just another illusion after all this torture I can't still distinguish reality from fantasy, I keep repeating my self, I don't know why, maybe there is a in in hope that it will help me hold on, or is that hope an illusion as well, nothing sews seems real! What is real! What is real! What is real!
It seems I am cursed to wonder about the truth until my last dying breath.
Ill go over the events once ago once again, [unrecognizable symbols] ,I can't . can't remember rwt nothing, anything, something!
[unrecognizable symbols and words] [text is slowing turning illegible] I am losing strength either I'm dying or the madness is TAkin g OVe [long scratches and the note ends]

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