The Brain Snatcher


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: When not being tested on, SCP-001 must be kept in Special Prison AA-5 in Dimensional Facility-COBRA. The prison is made up of a powerful element called TECTRON-5 which blocks off a person within the prison from communicating with the rest of the universe. This includes time travel or dimensional warping. Although its material is still mysterious and testing is required to further understand the elements qualities, the subject must be locked in this prison regardless. All personnel are required to wear tin foil around the top of their heads like a hat as the tin material seems to block the subject from "collecting". All personnel must wear specifically tin foil on their heads and not alluminum foil as alluminum will not block the subjects effects on the brain. Alluminum can be easily mistaken for tin foil and having the right materials is a high priority. Authorization will be given to kill the subject if said subject were to escape from the prison.

Photograph taken before SCP-001's immediate capture in ████

Description: Originally discovered in the small town of ███████, SCP-001 is a small, agile, creature approximately 2.6 ft. high with a pot belly and small hind legs and arms. The subject is of a light-grayish green color. SCP-001 has a taste for brains and is able to steal brain matter from a person's brain without the person noticing. This process has been named "Collecting". Subjects whose brain matter have been taken immediately go into a [DATA EXPUNGED]. How or why the subjects seem to exhibit this behaviour and how the creature can steal partial brain matter from these subjects is still unknown. The creature seems to dislike tin and when the subject comes close to tin it begins to [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is not known how old the subject is but the language it speaks is of Akkadian origin. It speaks to people using a form of telekinesis as the subject has no [REDACTED].

SCB-001 can use a form of teleportation that allows the subject to move through small [DATA EXPUNGED] and can immediately show up in random areas.

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