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Item #: SCP-101-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-101-J IS TO BE DESTROYED. Until then, it is to be kept in a 5mX5mX5m plexiglass box in a three (3) inch thick steel room in Site ██.

Description: SCP-101-J is a small, grey metal box that when opened, transports you to a pocket dimension (Much like )

Addendum 1: I think we should continue research on 101-J -Dr. J██████. Negatory. Too dangerous. O5-█

Incident Log 001:

Begin Incident Log 001
Foreword: The recovery of SCP-101, failed attempt one (1).
<Begin Log>
Dr. M████: What the heck is that?
Dr. J████: I can't tell.
Captain L███: I can't contact the research team.
Dr. M████: What the he-
<End Log>
Closing statement: The team was sucked into the pocket dimension, and were stuck there. They were dismissed as missing.

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