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Item #: SCP-1XXX

SCP-1XXX-6, prior to containment.
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-1XXX are to be contained in a 10 x 10m containment chamber constructed of reinforced concrete. Two security cameras are to be monitoring the containment chamber at all times. Admittance to the containment chamber requires at least level 2 clearance, two armed security guards, and the appropriate headgear. At no time should any scalp hair be exposed within the containment chamber.

Description: SCP-1XXX are 10 specimens of 5m tall organisms, composed entirely of plant matter, similar in appearance to the root structure of large tree. The head is a low hanging wooden knob with a large orifice acting as a mouth. Numerous elongated, root-like growths extend from the head, functioning as legs. These roots are highly flexible and mobile, and allow an instance of SCP-XXXX to travel at speeds of up to 20 km/h. Up to 16 separate leg formations have been recorded on a single instance of SCP-1XXX.

SCP-1XXX-1, during initial containment of SCP-1XXX

Within the mouth of an instance of SCP-1XXX are numerous rows of sharp blades composed of keratin that act as teeth. These teeth are capable of rotating along several grooves within the mouth through an unknown process, and are capable of cutting through most softer metals. They are also capable of damaging iron and steel. The mouth cavity of SCP-1XXX usually reaches up to 33 cm in depth and 28 cm in width.

SCP-1XXX feed on human hair. If a human being is caught by an instance of SCP-1XXX, the instance will quickly restrain the subject with several limbs and cover the subject's head with its mouth cavity; at which point the teeth will rotate, chopping off the scalp hair of the subject. The instance of SCP-1XXX will then ingest the hair it has removed and release the subject; subjects are often left with scars, as SCP-1XXX's teeth lack precision. If attacked or otherwise provoked, an instance of SCP-1XXX will actively attempt to harm the attacker, often shredding the assailants’ limbs or outright killing the assailant via decapitation.

Addendum: SCP-1XXX was first discovered by Foundation agents in 1943, in ███████, █████, after several reports of strange beheadings and mutilations. SCP-1XXX-1 was quickly contained, and since its capture, 9 more instances have been contained, in various countries. DNA sampling of each instance has proven them all identical. During routine inspection, barcode labels and an unidentified logo were found branded on the underside of each specimen. Investigation has yielded no results, and the labels have been damaged by growth and wear, preventing attempts at scanning.

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