SCP-1052 Account of Recovery A2

SCP-1052 Account of Recovery A2

Date: July ██, 20██.

Subject: SCP-1052, Agent ██████████

Location: ██████████, ██████████

Summarized Report:

SCP-52 was recovered shortly after a curious Agent arrived at the coastal area of █████ in █████ upon hearing news of numerous disappearances ████ miles off the shore, in an otherwise safe area not known to house dangerous species or criminal activities. Subsequent investigations of disappearances by locals led to further diminishing in number of local law enforcement.

The Agent in question posing as a marine biologist descended into the waters near sites of vanishings in a small ████ submersible craft, and found nothing out of the ordinary except numerous full body skeletons. Following hours of survey of the nearby environs not a single piranha - local speculation of cause - was found. On return trip to the ship awaiting him, he did, however, noticed a weird hue in the water present in all the areas he's been, confined to a small localized "patch". It was initially thought to have been sediment of sand and dirt from the ocean floor disturbed by the passing of his craft, but it was soon realized that the sediment did not sink unlike other sediment he's stirred up, but instead moved about in a manner similar to aquatic organisms.

It followed him above the sea floor as he went, all the while not maintaining any determinate shape except of a swirling mass, until it came into contact with an errant fish and the fish seemed to disintegrate within minutes. (Fortunately Agent ███ had the foresight to conduct the cursory investigation in broad daylight, also fortunate was that local water was clear enough for him to have observed it).

As Agent ███'s craft began to surface near his ship, he noticed that the "organism" rose with it, so he requested ship's on-board personnel to drop a medium-sized, capped specimen container (hereby refer to as 'a jar') down so he can retrieve it and collect samples while resting inside the submersible. After which he returned aboard the ship with the majority of the mass observed. When ship-board researchers analyzed the content inside the jar and found that it was no ordinary "floating sediment" or matched any known algae or microbe in the aquatic world, they returned to base.

Addendum: Communications Log

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