SCP-1052 Retrieval Communication Log

Agent XXX: Okay, I'm inside the submarine. I am now Captain XXX.

SS XXX: Putting you down.

Agent XXX: I would appreciate you not phrase it like that.

SS XXX: *Laughter*

Agent XXX: Going to start looking around.

Silence ensued for 34 minutes.

Agent XXX: Bones..

SS XXX: What's that?

Agent XXX: Some full bodied skeleton of some people, spread out in a small area.

SS XXX: Well you know what to do.

Another 27 minutes of silence.

Agent XXX: Well, it's certainly not piranhas, no teeth mark.

SS XXX: What?

Agent XXX: No teeth mark on the bones.

SS XXX: Oh, you looked with the grabber.

Agent XXX: Returning to ship.

Silence, 11 minutes.

Agent XXX: There's a…something following me.

SS XXX: Colorful description.

Agent XXX: It's like..a mist. I've seen it everywhere I went, I thought I just stirred up some sand on the ocean floor, but it's
following me back here.

SS XXX: You're sure it's not just more sand in the wake your engine's stirring up?

Agent XXX: No. I'm way up above the floor, I'm not stirring anything, and it's not sinking.

SS XXX: Well what is it then?

Agent XXX: It's a bit like those…big mass of algae you see in those documentaries, you know turns a big patch of ocean

SS XXX: What?

Agent XXX: Just hang on.

Static, likely the pilot did not release his communication button, 2 minutes 14 seconds.

Agent XXX: Okay. It just ate that fish up.

SS XXX: I'm gonna sound like a broken record, but what?

Agent XXX: The mass..patch of algae or sand or whatever..well, a fish swam into it, and then it started struggling, and just
slowly disappeared like disintegrated in the mist. So I'm guessing it ate it up and the fish didn't just go "Beam me up,

SS XXX: Okay…

Agent XXX: Oh, and I'm right underneath the ship. Throw me a…what's that thing, medium-sized, capped, specimen

SS XXX: just call it a jar?

Agent XXX: Oh now I can't techno-babble, but you guys can?

SS XXX: It's down there.

Agent XXX: I see it, retrieving. Wouldn't want to go out there in my wet suit and risk it.

SS XXX: Why not? Nothing'll happen. Go for it.

Silence ensues another minute and half.

Agent XXX: Let me just coup up this last bit…got it. Most of it.

SS XXX: What? Get all of them.

Agent XXX: Can't. Can't see them. I tried scooping plain water anyways. Can't tell if I got them all. I'm guessing if they were
like sand they'd be really small and I wouldn't be able to get all the grains.

SS XXX: Okay, come on up.

Agent XXX: I'll wait in here while you scoop me up.

Foreword to be added, XXX to be converted to unicode bar character.

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