SCP-1061 (Proposal)
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Item #: SCP-1261

Object Class: Safe

SCP-1261 shown at rest under controlled conditions

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1261 is to be kept housed in a 1m x 1m wicker basket within a locked room at Research Site 409 in █████ ██████, ██
Under no circumstances is SCP-1261 to be moved to a location where it will be stored at an altitude greater than 1m above sea level.
Although classified as safe, access to the object is to be restricted to all but those with level 4 clearance or higher and removal is highly unadvised as, due to the unique characteristics of SCP-1261, re-containment could prove at best laborious or in worst-case-scenario, downright impossible. See addendum SCP-1261-2

Description: SCP-1261 is a highly polished metallic sphere of precisely 80cm in diameter composed of several thousand interlaced rods measuring between 3cm and 7cm in length.
Microscopic analysis of SCP-1261 indicates it to most likely be composed of aluminium bronze alloy, although it possesses a toughness vastly greater than that which is to be expected of such a compound. It has so-far proven impossible to take a sample of the material upon which to perform more conclusive testing.

The item was discovered on a [DATA EXPUNGED] in late 20██ by a goat farmer near to the mouth of the ███████ river in ██████████. Our sources in the country got word of locals discussing the farmers’ tales of the item. It quickly became apparent that most considered him to be deluded and no administration of amnesiacs was deemed necessary. Investigation by Agents ██████, ████████ and Dr ████ proved fruitless until they located the farmer and were able to question him. The SCP was ultimately recovered some 2 weeks later, 3km south of the location given by the discoverer.
Again a requisition for amnesiacs was not required, as the elderly man did not survive the interrogation period.

SCP-1061 possesses the ability to pass through all non-biological material without any apparent resistance whatsoever. The only direction in which movement will ultimately halt is downwards, as it seems incapable of continuing below sea level. It would also appear to be affected by tides in the same way as the sea and, if left to its own devices, altitude will vary by more than 10m every day. See addendum SCP-1261-2
This unique property of SCP-1261 means that once set in motion under ideal conditions, it is capable of near-frictionless movement. Luckily, regardless of the speed at which SCP-1261 is travelling, contact with any resistant material will arrest its progress instantaneously.
It has been concluded that the object does not adhere to Newton’s second law of motion as, although it would seem to have indeterminate mass, it takes a crane of fairly substantial lifting capabilities to raise it. See addendum SCP-1261-3
Testing has shown the sphere to be uninhibited by all raw elements although, as previously mentioned certain compounds do halt its progression.

Examples of these and some other peculiar qualities are detailed below;

  • SCP-1261 is incapable of movement through any biological material and it’s progress can be halted by any human, animal or vegetable contact. A wicker basket was suggested for containment purposes shortly after initial testing began and as it is constructed solely of plant matter, has so far proven more than adequate.
  • Water will run over the surface of SCP-1261 although any impurities within the water (and heavy enough to not be a suspension) will drop straight through. In one test 1kg of mud was placed upon the upper surface of the sphere and dry earth was seen to fall from the underside. The water which ran down the outside was observed to still be dirty. It has been concluded that no force other than that of gravity is at work upon the object and it is assumed that if the sample were to have been placed on the inner surface (if indeed it is hollow) then, over time, gravity would filter all the impurities and only a clean pool of water would remain. See addendum SCP-1261-1
  • When placed directly on to the ocean the sphere does not “bob” as may be expected and, although waves will break over and around the surface, it would appear that no actual contact with the water takes place. The object appears stationary as though it were resting upon solid ground and, when removed from the water, remains completely dry.


SCP-1261-1: Upon arrival at Site 409, Operative ███████ accidentally knocked a mug of soup on to the sphere whilst it was suspended from a crane. The porcelain mug fell through and out from the base of the sphere before smashing on the floor below. The contents of the mug were observed to run down the sides of the ball before ultimately joining the remains of the shattered receptacle on the floor.
Further experimentation was conducted following this incident but has now concluded.
No staff are to use SCP-1261 for the purpose of cleaning crockery without express permission from senior site personnel.

SCP-1261-2: It appears that the tidal effect in action upon SCP-1261 directly matches that of it’s location. The global position of Site 409 results in a diurnal tide effect whereas upon discovery, the object was experiencing movement in keeping with the semi-diurnal tides of ███████. At times of syzygy, spring tide like effects occur and the ball will rise considerably higher. Likewise, neap tides will cause the reverse effect. Extra vigilance should therefore be observed during neap tides as if the object were to be dropped from its housing, it could be lost below ground level entirely. If it were to roll under a rock, hill or even a mountain it could prove irretrievable.

SCP-1261-3: Accurate weight measurement of the sphere has proven difficult. Initial retrieval attempts were complex as first a biological harness had to be sourced then attached to a crane. A hessian rope netting was tested and found to be suitable although the first, second and third cranes all proved incapable of lifting the object. The fourth crane, rated at up to ███ metric tonnes was able to lift SCP-1261 to a truck for transportation. Subsequent measurement has shown that the weight to vary by as much as ██% depending on time of day and location.

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