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Item #: SCP-1105

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1105 is a relatively safe subject and is welcome to roam Site ██ with supervision. Their room is to remain well furnished, including a bed, a closet containing fashions from the ██████ period, and SCP files 201-400. Their meals are to be provided every eight hours. If 1105 is not finished reading at mealtime, SCP personnel are to wait patiently until 1105 is ready to dine.

IMPORTANT: Meals are to consist of ██████, ████, and a ██████ that has been killed in the last four hours. While this may be unsettling, we feel that since this is 1105's only abnormal request, it is entirely reasonable.

SCP-1105 is to be kept in a locked room at all times with a live security feed monitored at all times. Agents providing 1105's meals (consisting of ██████, ████, and a ██████, killed in the last █ hours.) are to enter the room with protective headgear to block out all sound. Personnel are not to make eye contact with 1105 for any reason nor read anything written by 1105.

All persons that have communicated with 1105 are to have all final decision making privileges permanently revoked. This applies to all levels, including 05 personnel. Persons restricted as such must have all decisions regarding SCP and its subjects approved by personnel that has had virtually no interaction with 1105.

Description: SCP-1105 is of no threat and generally a low-tier priority for the SCP Foundation. Further investigation into 1105's unusual nature remains pending clearance by05's that have personally met with and evaluated 1105.

SCP-1105 appears as a woman of African descent approximately ██ years of age and a small frame. Subject's mouth is abnormally large, measuring █ inches. 1105 demonstrates a friendly demeanor, having no association with violent incidents either at the Foundation or during their time in general public. 1105's only unusual characteristics are their highly unusual diet (listed above) and their effect on the mentality of any with whom they interact. Any suggestions, requests, solicitations, or feedback provided by 1105 is received, invariably, as the best course of action by any who receive the communication directly. All efforts to convince recipients to disregard 1105's words are met as ineffective. This effect is permanent, though no other mental alteration is noted. Though recipients will continue to experience free will and their own identity, they will also believe that they are not under any effect of 1105, instead maintaining that they have independently come to the conclusion that 1105's perspective is, in fact, superior.

While 1105's biology seems human, 1105 is able to consume materials unhealthy or inedible to other humans without any negative effect.

Addendum 1105-A: 1105 has no record of discovery and/or capture. Requesting 05 clearance to investigate this apparent oversight.

Denied. Having directly evaluated 1105's mental state, I can attest that SCP is of no threat and a low priority. This is not a proper allocation of SCP's preciously limited resources. Additionally, please refer to 1105 as "Rebecca" going forward. Thank you. ~Dr. ██████

Request granted. ~Dr. ████

Addendum 1105-B: To date, no record has been found regarding 1105's discovery and containment. Investigation has been temporarily suspended pending the location of an Agent at Site ██ that has not personally spoken to 1105 prior to this investigation.

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