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Photo of SCP-1121 when not in use.

Item #: SCP-1121

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1121 is to be held in a 6 inch by 6 inch glass container kept inside a 3m by 3m containment cell at Site-██. Personnel must conduct a level two (2) Radiation Quarantine Routine before entering the containment cell of SCP-1121. That goes for testing procedures as well. No personnel with a Security Clearance Level below level three (3) are to enter SCP-1121's containment cell without being accompanied by level three (3) or higher personnel.

Description: SCP-1121 appears to be the right foot of a ███████ rabbit breed. Anyone holding making contact with SCP-1121 receives large amounts of "luck," making them nearly invincible. Testing shows that ranged weapons will nearly always miss the subject making contact with SCP-1121, even if in a direct line of site. Large objects will fall near, but not on the subject if dropped from a high distance. Almost anything that causes injury and/or death will have a 83.4% chance of failure to injure or kill any organic matter making contact with SCP-1121. Due to it only being a chance, the effect has been given the name "luck" because the subject will not always be so lucky.

SCP-1121 will have effect only on any human, animal, or plant. Any non-organic matter making contact with SCP-1121 will have no effect. When contact with SCP-1121 is removed, the organism has no more effect on the subject.

SCP-1121 was found at [DATA EXPUNGED] in a forest. It was in the same current condition as it currently is. The organism was brought to the Foundation's attention when Agent ██████ overheard an adult male was describing SCP-1121 to another. Agent ██████ questioned the man and to show him exactly what SCP-1121 did and what its effects were. The man brought Agent ██████ into the forest, supposedly where the man found SCP-1121, but before they reached their destination, a bear attacked the man holding SCP-1121. The bear missed the man when attempting to strike him with his claws and shortly after, the bear surprisingly fled. He explained to the Agent that was the effects, and showed him many more examples. The Subject and the man he described it to earlier class B Amnesiacs.

Autopsy Report 1121-A:

Autopsy has proven that the organism has all the natural organs and bones usually found inside the right foot in the rabbit of the specified breed. SCP-1121 appears to give out medium amounts of radiation. The source of the radiation is unknown.

SCP-1121 Test Log A:

D-6345 is strapped into a metal chair inside SCP-1121's containment cell.

D-6345: The straps are a bit tight.

D-6345 is given SCP-1121

D-6345: Oh, never mind. The straps just got comfortably loose.

D-6345 looks up and notices the large cabinet that one of the personnel are about to drop directly on top of him.

D-6345: Oh ███! Is that thing gonna fall?!

The cabinet is dropped and somehow does not make any contact with D-6345

D-6345: How did I… What?

D-6345 was in no way injured by the cabinet, but the subject received large amounts of radiation due to being exposed to SCP-1121 too long. The subject was later terminated.

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