SCP-1119 Test Example
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A Photo of Subject once Identified by the Foundation. -1119

Item #: SCP-1119

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject -1119 cannot be moved by any means so as such has had Site 1352 built around it. The site consists mostly of steel cased blockades around the area to keep any unauthorized personel from entering the area access to the site is approved only by either two Level-3 Staff or one Level-4 personel. Audio and Video are to be recorded by anyone entering the Subject at all times. Subject is kept inside the center of the site monitored by at least 5 C or above class personel. Entry into Subject not authorized is followed by immediate termination. No other SCP Subjects are allowed within the vicinity of 1119 under any circumstances. Anyone that comes into direct contact with Subject-1119 must be evaluated and given psychiatric therapy. Failure to comply or if personel becomes influenced follow with immediate termination. Firing upon anyone who comes within subjectable distance to the blockade is authorized 1119 is not to be activated under any circumstances outside of testing.

Description: Subject-1119 appears to be a lowly lit walk-in closet. Originating from Nevada, ███ █████. Subject came to the attention of the foundation when a resident at the ███████ Hotel reported strange things happening in his room to the office. Of which came to the attention of the owner. Who called the police. That's when the Foundation decided to intervene. 3 Class D personel were sent into the Subject with Audio and Video Equipment. They never came back. All transcripts were brought back the the Foundation afterwards and viewed by an expendable Class D staff member. No side effects. He reported many out of the ordinary things and how the class D personel died. (See Log-03) Experimentation and testing has revealed 1119's effects. Subject is a normal walk-in closet. You can walk into the closet retrieve and store anything you want without any side effects. However, when a user has been subjected to the inside of 1119 for over 10 minutes they experience abnormal behavior. They report seeing "Things, evil things." They hear voices and screaming. Yelling to tell them to get out. Audio logs reveal that exactly one minute after the warning subjects will scream constantly every minute and it escalating every time. It has been deduced that the victims are being torn limb from limb until there is nothing left. Subjects report feelings of suffocating and the room as if it was closing in on them. None of the subjects were Claustrophobic but once they left they were. The tape shows their body on the ground barely recognizable anymore, However, when entering Subject afterwards there is no blood. No body. Nothing that stands out from a normal closet as if they had vanished. If anyone enters subject again for over 10 minutes the process will restart. This process is now named as 1119-2 or the activation. During this period the exit will vanish and any bodies that died during activation reappear and the process begins.


Transcript #1119-02 (Extracts)
<Begin Log>

[3 Class D Subjects enter the vicinity of the site testing.]
…So we have to go in there?
Command: Yes. You go in you go out. Simple easy and if there are no complications that's good.
We don't know what the hell you putting us in here for. But if we ask question we know we won't get one right?
Command: Right. Now go.
[Test Subjects enter -1119.]
[Twenty-second pause.]
Uh…Command? We don't see anything out of the ordinary. It's just a fuckin' closet man.
Command: ….
Command: New orders, look around the closet for anything suspicious. Do so for approximately 10 minutes then report back immediately. Communications will be cut off until then.
What the hell? Hey wait-
<End Log>

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