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Item #: SCP-1139

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-1139 is a transparent, plastic bottle measuring twenty (20) centimeters in height, and a cyan blue cap on the top. The bottle appears to be used for containing water or any other beverage or liquid. Fourteen (14) centimeters up the bottle appear to what used to be a tag. The tag seems to have been torn or pealed off before SCP-1139 was discovered.

SCP-1139 was discovered in [REDACTED], by Daniel ███████. Even though the bottle is ██ years old, it looks as if it was recently manufactured. Before it was discovered by Daniel ███████ or the Foundation, it seems that someone had tried to remove all traces of who or what manufactured SCP-1139. There is only one trace left on the water bottle, and that is a series of numbers on the cap. The numbers are █, █, █ and █. These are the same numbers [DATA EXPUNGED].

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