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Item #: SCP-1155 “The Faces of Silence” (Previously “The Faces of Bélmez”)

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: At all costs, SCP-1155 is to be kept at Dim Site-███, in a reinforced bulkhead and with walls no less than 5m thick on all sides (and so impermeable to paint or other coloured stainable liquids), as per Euclid Restrainment Protocol 1D. It is to be kept here until a method of destroying or otherwise eradicating SCP-1155 may be determined.

Originally from the home of a resident of Bélmez, Spain, the Faces are extremely hostile to all living creatures. The Faces appear to cause death through purging of the entire human body, and occasionally haemorrhaging, and after the body is empty of all fluids, the Faces will cease attacking, and enter into a dormant or ‘vanished’ state (more details about attack procedures follow).

Description: SCP-1155, originally titled when in its previous and neutral state, “The Faces of Bélmez” appears to be, at first glance, a grouping of painted male and female faces dating from around the 19th Century which are painted onto the floor (this appears to be their preferred surface), or any other solid plain (walls, roofing etcetera). The most intriguing of their characteristics is that they appear to be able to individually and independently move freely across any surface they choose. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum – 1155-a: The Faces were brought to the attention of the SCP foundation on ██/██/██, where, upon arrival of SCP Protocol Team ██████ to the resident’s home in Bélmez, the occupier, a middle-aged female, allowed SCP Protocol Team ██████ to enter to collect a sample of the Faces for testing and verification. The only way to achieve this was to extract a sizable square chunk of concrete roughly 3 x 5 m from her floor, and drive it back to Site-███ from the aforementioned property. Considerable effort and care had to be taken in order to remove the large chunk from the small property.

The removal appears to have drastically agitated SCP-1155, and the Faces have since ‘left’ the concrete block and housed themselves on various other surfaces inside their containment area since. The now blank concrete block which originally housed to Faces has been taken to Site-███ for further testing, and as of yet the tests have been inconclusive. __Please read [Case SCP-1155 ALPHA (First contact with the subject)] below for more information on the case. __

SCP Protocol Team ██████ examining one of the original, neutral Faces

[Case SCP-1155 ALPHA (First contact with the subject)]: At first, after collection by SCP Protocol Team ██████, the Faces remained dormant on the concrete surface (for around █ months), achieving the Faces “Safe” Classification and LEVEL 1 permitted access. However, on ██/██/██ when █ researchers were investigating the concrete chunk’s structure and the Faces characteristics (including their chemical makeup, INCIDENT REPORT AND RESULTS FOLLOW within ‘Addendum – 1155-b’), (in line with Safe Investigation Protocol 2F) the individual faces, “Appeared to vanish,” (citation reference needed 1155-A) from the surface entirely.

The █ scientists after being extracted through the singular bulkhead, were individually checked for all known diseases, pathogens, infections and viruses (from normal circumstances or indeed other SCPs) using blood, saliva and semen samples, but were all deemed, “fit and in excellent physical condition, however struggling to speak coherently,” by Dr. ███████ on ██/██/██. All █ scientists and Dr. ███████ have since died through purging and haemorrhaging (all involved personnel were contained immediately when they began to display adverse symptoms).


The Faces, after muting and killing the █ researchers and Dr. ███████, have since coined the colloquial name from personnel within the previous facility, “The Faces of Silence,” and were transferred by airlifting to Dim Site-███ on ██/██/██ where they have remained since.


The Faces themselves can move around from surface to surface, or vanish entirely, and not reappear for several months. This has deemed to be a ‘luring’ (citation reference needed 1155-B) tactic used by the Faces, who, after long periods of inactivity, possibly even up to ████████, will be investigated by a team, only to reappear within seconds. The team after being extracted and tested, at first, will appear to be healthy and normal, but due to prolonged direct exposure with SCP-1155, will fall drastically ill, and suffer from intermittent muteness, before being unable to speak at all, and then die shortly after. It is not currently known how the faces are able to ‘infect’ humans (forcing The Foundation to grade the subject as either a POSSIBLE BIOLOGICAL OR RADIOACTIVE, but definitely SENTIENT AND VIOLENT threat), however it is known that muteness and death is achieved through merely through being in their proximity for a slightly extended short period of time. [REDACTED]


As stated above, the Faces appear to cause death through purging of the human body, and haemorrhaging, (it is still unknown why the Faces kill in this specific manner) and after the body is empty of all fluids, the Faces will return to their dormant or ‘vanished’ state.

It is also unknown where the Faces ‘go’ upon entering this ‘vanished’ state, and speculation from personnel from the previous facility and indeed this one, ranges from dispersing and diffusing into the air (earning the specimen a Euclid threat classification if said predictions are discovered to be true, under SCP Protocol 2A), to entering SCP-106’s Pocket Dimension (earning the specimen a NONSTANDARD SPACETIME threat, if said predictions are discovered to be true, under Euclid Restrainment Protocol 11D).

Addendum – 1155-b: INCIDENT REPORT: ██/██/██

SCP involved: SCP-1155

Personnel involved: █ researchers; a Mr. ███████ (overseer), officer ███████ and operative █. ███████.

Date: ██/██/██

Location: Site-███

Description: Analysis of SCP-1155 to determine the legitimacy of the specimen and on-site lockdown after ‘containment breach’.

██:██pm: Two samples of the Faces were removed from the main concrete block by diamond-edged equipment.

██:██pm: The samples, one weighing 3kg, the other 7kg, were subjected to various tests such as granulometric, mineralogical, and chemical. According to the overseer, Mr. ███████: "The result, as we had expected, was that no traces of paint were found at any place within the samples" (however, Mr. ███████ failed to mention in his report during experimentation which Faces were analyzed, nor which part of the Faces correspond to each of the samples, nor what kind of mineralogical or chemical analysis was performed).

The results of Chemical Analysis, Sample A, Sample B (%): (citation reference needed 1155-C)

Zinc 0.96; 0.40
Barium 0.02; 0.15
Copper 0.01; 0.16
Chromium 0.09; 0.02
Phosphorus 0.06; 0.30
Lead 0.21; 0.06

██:██pm: The Faces, as testing concluded, “Appeared to vanish,” according to officer ███████, (citation reference needed 1155-A) resulting in an on-site lockdown.

██:██pm: All personnel evacuated from the chamber, █ minutes after the event began, to undergo physical and mental testing.

██:██am: Physical and mental testing concludes, and all personnel examined by Dr. ███████, all deemed, “fit and in excellent physical condition, however // struggling to speak coherently //.” On site lockdown ceases.


██:██am: Class D personnel report “Violent screams,” (citation reference needed 1155-D) and, “noises of a flushing toilet,” (possibly an attempt to hide the effects of SCP-1155) (citation reference needed 1155-E) from operative █’s private quarters to on-site personnel.


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