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A stick of SCP-1199 in its dormant state.

Item #: SCP-1199

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1199 is to be kept in airtight storage vault █-█. Usage of SCP-1199 is permitted only for testing. Due to the anomalous properties of it, consumption is only to be carried out by D-Class personal. Any subjects offering SCP-1199 to others are to be terminated.

Any other instances reported outside of the Foundation are to be reported and retrieved. Amnesiacs are to be administered if necessary.

Description: SCP-1199 resembles a thin, 2"x1" stick of lightly-sugared pink chewing gum. It emits an unusually sweet smell, more powerful than any other confection, causing it to have an extremely strong psychological pull, which made it somewhat difficult to contain. (See Discovery)

The consumption of SCP-1199 follow a minute-by-minute process, followed by full conversion, then later, death.

1st stage, 1 minute of Chewing: Subject will chew SCP-1199 thoroughly, reporting an extremely sweet taste, and a slight tingling. The organisms in SCP-1199 are activated by amino-acids in the saliva of the subject. No dangerous properties of this stage were observed.

2nd stage, 2 minutes of Chewing: Organisms in the gum will latch themselves into the subject's throat using sticky, clamp-like appendages as observed from several x-ray microscopes. The subject will have a heart-rate climb, panicking from a sensation similar to choking, however the feeling will pass, the subject reporting he/she can breathe again. Gum will still be able to be chewed, connected by pored fibers in the throat.

3nd stage, 5 minutes of Chewing: Small, stretchy fibers will extend from SCP-1199's main body, leeching through the sinuses and piercing into the brain. Subject reports feeling no pain during the process regardless of tissue loss. Fibers will then stretch wide and thin, and completely take over cognitive functions of the nervous system. Subject's skills and memory are still intact, as long as SCP-1199 left the brain intact. The mass of SCP-1199 in the throat will then rapidly stretch into the stomach, causing extreme swelling, followed by the lungs, intestines, than kidneys, before instantly moving to the Full Conversion stage.

Full Conversion: The subject will slip into coma before SCP-1199's reproductive effects take place. The blobs of SCP-1199 in the throat preform standard mitosis, except the daughter cells are in the hibernating status similar to SCP-1199 before it was consumed. Lacerations of unknown origin appear in the subject's neck flap, using pressure to force out a brand-new stick of SCP-1199, with traces of human fat. The subject will then wake up, and prompt others to "taste the gum". However, this process burns the brain slowly, so attempts to convince others are more of primitive prompting than using advanced conversation techniques. Subjects do not appear to be effected from organ swelling at this point.

Death: Using verbal communication completely [DATA EXPUNGED], combined with intense organ swelling, followed by death. All masses of SCP-1199 die and decompose.

Discovery: SCP-1199 was found in a mini-mart in ████, █████████ after █ reported deaths following consumption of the gum. Agent ██████ sent to investigate, later raiding the mart's shelves for instances of SCP-1199. Shortly before packing them in bags, he found he could not resist consumption, and began to gorge himself after making a call for reinforcements. Agent ████ arrived shortly, extracting SCP-1199 from Agent ██████ via throat, before stage 2 came into effect. However, she also found SCP-1199 impossible to resist, until both agents were chewing. Task Force-Mu █-█ arrived with smell-dampening masks during Stage 3, unable to save both Agents. Both Agents expired on the way back to Site █, and SCP-1199 was put in containment.

Note: All personal offering SCP-1199, whether as a prank or actually infected, are to be subject to immediate termination. You have been warned. -Dr.█████

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