Alsojames' 1st Draft

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX must be contained within a 5x5x5 meter concrete room, with walls 5.08 centimeters thick. There must only be one light source within its chamber at any given time; a dim light bulb in the center of the ceiling. No fewer than two guards are to be stationed at its door. These guards must be unarmed (see addendum 1, Irritants and Relaxants).

SCP-XXXX is to be fed three times a d

For research purposes, a small camera with night vision capabilities is to be placed above the door.


SCP-1216 appearance is akin to an emaciated human female in her mid-twenties, but with pitch-black skin, paper-white hair and lack of pupils. It is 6'2" tall, has an unusually high-pitched voice, and constantly carries a small stuffed teddy bear with it, which it had in its possession when it was taken from [REDACTED] on ███████.

It appears to be in a constant state of emotional trauma. Both the agents who had initially captured it and research personnel reported that it is nearly constantly sobbing, or at least emitting sob-like sounds. (Whether it truly is depressed or simply looking for attention is still up to interpretation and requires further study).

It appears to be able to understand and write fluent English, though it cannot speak it. Research personnel are encouraged to bring large amounts of paper and several pens or pencils when conducting studies in addition to their own personal recording equipment.

Extreme care must be taken when entering its chamber, whether it be for feeding, cleaning or moving, as it take very little to anger it.

When sufficiently angered, SCP-XXXX will attempt to flee from the source of trauma, with speed and strength similar to a human of its size. However,
if it cannot escape or believe it cannot escape (such as being held by restraints or being surrounded by guards, as seen during several research attempts) it will emit an incredibly high-pitched screech. This scream has been shown to have a high enough pitch to cause a myriad of injuries, from disorientation to profuse bleeding from the ears to ruptured organs and bones. Staff interacting with it in any way are required to read addendum 1 for examples of irritants and relaxants.

Note that while in an non-aggravated state, SCP-XXXX will be 100% compliant with all instruction. During study, a researcher asked 1216 for the stuffed bear, and it handed it over without a single complaint. When Doctor █████ ████████████ tried to take it without asking, it became angered and withheld the toy.

Addendum 1 (Irritants and Relaxants):
There are numerous things that can provoke 1216 into an angered state. The following is a list of known aggravating circumstances. SCP Personnel who anger or calm 1216 through means not listed here should add it to the list as soon as possible.

Known irritants include:

Taking its stuffed bear without asking permission first

Attempting to give it a stuffed toy other than the one it arrived at the facility with. Though it will simply refuse the new bear at first, further attempts at giving it the imposter toy will make it angrier and angrier, as discovered by research personnel.

Exposing it to bright light

Yelling or other raising of ones voice (not necessarily directed toward 1216, as seen when D-1312 attempted to pick up 1216's bear without permission during Doctor ██████ ████████████ 's observation months after initial containment, and was yelled at)

Bearing weapons in its presence (it appears to feel threatened)

Grabbing it suddenly (it seems to be fine with gentle touching though, such as when helping it stand or directing it to a certain location).

Known relaxants include:

Returning the stuffed bear to its possession. Note that it MUST BE the original bear (see above).

Allowing it to return to its cell.

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