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Item #: SCP-1399

Object Class: Safe (formerly Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1399 is to be stored in a standard containment unit in Site 708. UPDATE: Due to the adverse effect of SCP-1399s anomalous properties and the discovery of its triggering mechanism (see Addendum 05-008792-GN, level 2 clearance required), testing of SCP-1399 has been suspended indefinitely. Access to SCP-1399 is restricted and may only be granted by the Site Director for Site 708 or an O5.

Description: SCP-1399 is a plastic doll of a character from a childrens comic/television show/film. The doll has a weathered and unremarkable appearance, however all serial numbers and other identifying markings placed on dolls of this model during manufacturing have been filed off at an undetermined time before SCP-1399 came into Foundation custody. Aside from this, SCP-1399 is physically identical to other dolls of the same model.

SCP-1399 came to the Foundations attention after local media in [DATA REDACTED] reported an unexplained surge in mental breakdowns and disorders in children from █████████ Orphanage. SCP-1399 was apparently received amongst an anonymous donation of toys to the orphanage, made at an unknown date. Historical records obtained indicate that the occurrence of mental disorders in orphans from █████████ Orphanage has been significantly above average since 19██, with knowledge of at least █ other comparable surges having gone unreported. SCP-1399 was recovered after Agent █████, tasked with investigating the incident, accidentally triggered SCP-1399s anomalous properties during a search of the area, with effects now considered to be on the “mild” end of SCP-1399s spectrum. Agent ████████, his partner, reported no anomalous effects from handling SCP-1399.

Upon being touched by a test subject, SCP-1399 may cause the subject to undergo visual hallucinations, specifically changes to the facial and bodily features of SCP-1399, which vary from subject to subject, but typically include the mouth, eyes, and hands. The changes are invariably of a disturbing nature, and the most common manifestation is of the eyes becoming completely black and weeping blood, a grossly enlarged and fanged mouth, and hands undergoing advanced stages of gangrene. After exposure to this effect, the subject will perceive all people that they encounter as possessing the same distorted features. Frequently, this also causes the subject to develop mental disorders or intensifies preexisting ones.

Visual recordings and other forms of electronic measurements have not detected physical changes of any kind in test subjects, SCP-1399, or other personnel during or after testing. The manifestation of these anomalous properties is completely unpredictable (UPDATE: after test logs, see Addendum 05-008792-GN, level 2 clearance required), and SCP-1399 will in the majority of cases manifest no abnormalities upon contact (██% of all test subjects reported no manifestation of anomalous properties), while in other subjects there is a spectrum of manifestations ranging from relatively short term hallucinations (approximately 30 minutes) with few long term effects to permanent hallucinations associated with complete mental breakdowns. Subjects with mental conditions induced or intensified by SCP-1399 are completely unresponsive to any form of psychological treatment or medication, including Class A amnesiacs.

Test Log – subjects of interest :

Test Subject: D – 10972
Subject background: female 21 years old, incarcerated for smuggling narcotics, narcissistic tendencies
Test result: no manifestation of anomalous properties. Subject mentioned feeling an unexplainable sense of sadness, confusion, and guilt upon touching SCP-1399.

Test Subject: D - 20284
Subject background: male 38 years old, no criminal record, no history of mental illness
Test result: “mild” manifestation – subject reported hallucinations consistent with previously reported manifestations, lasting 3 hours. Within 2 days of exposure, subject developed moderate anxiety issues. Subject retained after normal D – Class personnel termination schedule and monitored to study mid to long term effects of exposure to SCP-1399.

Test Subject: D – 68232
Subject background: male 27 years old, former US Marine, incarcerated for homicide, history of anger management issues
Test result: most severe manifestation on record – subject immediately became incoherent upon touching SCP-1399 and destroyed the door of the containment area, indiscriminately attacking all Foundation personnel on sight. Subject appeared to be actively seeking people to attack instead of attempting to escape. All forms of nonlethal weaponry such as tasers, pepper spray, [DATA REDACTED] completely ineffective, subject terminated after the loss of ██ personnel. Analysis shows breaching of containment area door required application of at least ████ newtons. By order of O5-3, SCP-1399 classification upgraded to Euclid.

Test Subject: D – 57901
Subject background: male 25 years old, former US Marine, incarcerated for multiple homicides, subject diagnosed with Psychosis and Antisocial Personality Disorder.
Special precautions: Test undertaken in former containment area for SCP-███, Mobile Task Force MTF-16 on standby to subdue/terminate test subject if required
Test result: no manifestation of anomalous properties. After deep hypnosis, subject stated only to have experienced a brief feeling of guilt upon touching SCP-1399.

This nutcase was as close to a match in background to 68232 as we could get, while also having a criminal record that makes 68232 look like a saint…what the hell sets this thing off? Dr. █████

Test subject: D – 10980
Subject background: female 52 years old, political prisoner from ████████, mild depressive tendencies
Test result: “severe” manifestation – subject became catatonic within 4 seconds of touching SCP-1399, catatonia has so far persisted for ██ months, subject institutionalized and monitored to study mid to long term effects of SCP-1399 exposure.

Addendum 05-008792-GN – Level 2 clearance required

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