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SCP-1400-1 prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-1400

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-1400 is immovable, it is to be contained on site. No less than four (4) armed guards are to safeguard the entrance to SCP-1400 (which has been named SCP-1400-1) at any given time unless ordered to by Dr. ██████. The hallways throughout SCP-1400’s containment building are to be monitored by a patrol of at least four (4) armed guards so as to prevent any containment breaches from external sources.

SCP-1400-1 is to remain properly sealed unless ordered otherwise by any Level 4 (or higher) personnel, who in turn must receive approval from Command. It is also to be routinely checked for any irregularities; if any irregularities are detected, Dr. ██████ must be reported by any personnel present. Any sounds, vibrations, or other abnormal activity coming from within SCP-1400 is to be reported immediately to Dr. ██████ and any personnel present are to prepare for a possible containment breach.

Description: SCP-1400 was discovered on █/██/19██ inside of an unmarked abandoned building in the city of [RETRACTED]; the building was scheduled to be demolished in a few weeks time. A demolition crew of two (2) workers who were inspecting the building for irregularities discovered SCP-1400-1 in the basement levels and opened it believing that it led to another section of the building. When the crew returned, only one of the members reportedly remained, and his short and abnormal description of what happened (and his advice to “stay the [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] out of there”) to the authorities prompted Mobile Task Force Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") to appear on site to clear out the area and prepare it for a formal SCP investigation. See Interview-1400-a (recorded after the arrival of Mobile Task Force Iota-10) for the official interview of the worker.

Upon normal inspection, SCP-1400-1 appears to be a square metal hatch with dimensions of 0.84 m x 0.79 m; other than a lack of some indication of the manufacturer, there are no aesthetic abnormalities. It does, however, have some anomalous properties: it is made of a seemingly indestructible metal of unknown composition which hasn’t been observed to melt, break apart, bend, or otherwise change shape in any way; it is covered in a dark gray paint-like substance which cannot be chipped or otherwise removed from the coating of SCP-1400-1 in any way; and the inside of the hatch appears to be completely uniform in comparison with the rest of the ceiling of SCP-1400. In theory, when SCP-1400-1 is completely sealed, it should blend in and become indistinguishable from the rest of SCP-1400’s ceiling; however, due a lack of necessary equipment, this has not and cannot be tested at the time of this report.

SCP-1400 itself appears to be a large, unlit room with unknown dimensions. Due to the darkness of the space and the size of opening, methods available that can measure the size of the room have been severely limited. Conventional measuring tools have proven unsuccessful, as it has been impossible to tell when, or if, the tools had actually reached the bottom. Unconventional measuring tools, such as sonar and light reflection, have also been unsuccessful in finding the dimensions as the material which covers the ceiling of SCP-1400 (a black, metallic substance that has been shown to absorb all forms of electromagnetic radiation) is believed to cover the entire interior of the room. Further testing to discover the dimensions of SCP-1400 has been postponed for the time being by order of O5 Command. See Addendum-1400-I.

The origins of SCP-1400 are as of yet unknown. There is no evidence to suggest that SCP-1400 exists in another timeline or dimension than ours, leading researchers to propose than SCP-1400 does, in fact, run under at least part of the city of [RETRACTED]; if true, this fact would serve as a testament to the strength of the unknown materiel that covers the interior of SCP-1400. Testing to try and recreate this materiel for use as a component in containment cells is awaiting approval by Command.

SCP-1400-2 is a [DATA EXPUNGED] of this,no more expeditions into SCP-1400 are to be conducted without prior approval by O5 Command.

Addendum-1400-I: After the results of Exploration-1400-a, more testing on SCP-1400 has been postponed by order of O5-██; O5-██ has also ordered that the log of Expedition-1400-a, as well as any information regarding SCP-1400-2 (including Interview-1400-a), be limited to those with at least Level 4 clearance.


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