Item #: SCP-1457

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1457 is an area of approximately 50 kilometers and is to be contained utilizing a 16 foot tall concrete wall, assisted by two (2) electric barb wire fences. All three guard walls must have a single entrance, to be manned by guard station Alpha. Ten (10) guard towers are to be operating and fully-manned at any given time with a minimum of five (5) trained SCP Foundation Agents with level three clearances, and a number of low level SCP agents. Guard Station Alpha is to be manned by Mobile Task Force Omega-XK-1457 ("The Advance of Harmony"), which are to send a fifteen (15) agents and a ten (10) D-class into the "Sentience Zone" at the first of every month.

All unauthorized personnel are to be disposed of without delay. If any organisms are to be found exiting SCP-1457, they are to be terminated immediately and with extreme prejudice. Any military personnel or Agents found breaking protocol will be administered Class-A amnesiacs and released into service after three (3) months of psychological evaluation. All D-Class servicemen are to be excused from end-of-month
terminations, as long as they follow protocol.

If any personnel are to survive the entering of SCP-1457, they are to be examined and interrogated immediately. Any anomalies found on the survivor are to be reported, and the agent terminated. Wills and other respects to the family are allowed. All D-Class survivors are to be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-1457 is a hot zone of anomalous activity spanning a combination of woodlands and a small abandoned rural zone spanning twenty-five (25) kilometers. Woodland creatures within the area include the common deer (various animals of the Cervidae family), rabbits (Various animals of the family Leporidae), and fox (Vulpes vulpes), and an unidentified species of monkey or ape. Insect life is unrecorded, due to lack of sufficient data. Plant life is unrecorded, due to lack of sufficient data.

The hot zone within the area begins one (1) kilometer within the area. This area is known as the "Sentience Zone." All objects within this area are found to be fully sentient, possessing a will of their own and becoming various instances of SCP-1457-A. The majorities of these organisms are to be considered highly aggressive and are to be treated as such. (See Addendum A)

When not entered in over a period of thirty (30) days, the hot zone intensifies, releasing violent and invasive organisms to breach gates and occupy the surrounding area. Following Incident XK-111, a unit of MTF-Omega-XK-1457 operatives, supplemented with servicemen volunteers and D-Class troops are to enter the area for one (1) month. As of (REDACTED), no survivors have been found. All volunteers will be posthumously rewarded with a fitting service medal from their home country, following with a payment of (REDACTED) paid monthly to the volunteer’s family.

Within the SCP, there is known to be a small factory, with the words “The Manufacturing Heart” printed upon its entrance. The inside of the building is undocumented; however, cameras on dead agents have shown that the warehouse itself produces all instances of SCP-1457-A extremely quickly, harvesting dead “tree” instances of SCP-1457-A, and is theorized to hold a symbiotic relationship with the ground (SEE ADDENDUM A). This does not involve animal forms of SCP-1457-A.
Please see Incident Reports-1457-A through –D for more details.

Addendum A:

ALL materials are to be found sentient. This includes the ground, trees, debris, buildings, and shadows. Shadows are to be treated hostile immediately upon entering the area, and can be terminated. Upon leaving the area, shadows will fade back into existence. Shadow "bodies" will stay where they were terminated. All "organisms" within the area consist of various physiological structures, and many are capable of movement. Buildings are considered symbiotic with the organisms within them, ranging between mirrors, chairs, and the like. Animals found within the hot zone are highly intelligent and hostile, often utilizing guns found on the bodies of deceased MTF Omega-XK-1457, volunteers, and D-Class troops.

All organisms are to be considered carnivorous, with the exception of the ground; the ground is a decomposer, and will slowly decompose any organic life that is left terminated upon it.

Instances of SCP-1457-A that have been successfully documented include:


A Chair

Chairs found within the Sentience zone are not changed physically except for a small, thin mouth extending through the seat front side of the seat, not the seat itself. Organs are extremely minute, and typically are an inch in past the “mouth.”
Typically, this organism utilizes ambush tactics, staying completely still until a human or animal comes within five (5) feet. At this distance, the chair will exhibit a burst of speed, and, moving like a spider, will kill the subject by biting any appendages or the head. Following a meal, a chair will then enter a hibernating state to digest.

Chairs are easily killed; upon viewing, open burst fire upon the organism, staying the required distance away to prevent awakening.
Optimal killing point is the entrance of the mouth.

A Table

Tables found within the Sentience Zone are changed only slightly, gaining a joint in the middle of each of their legs. This allows for fast movement; typically, chairs exhibit behaviors comparable to that of a deer, albeit a very hungry and carnivorous one.
Essentially, this organism is built the same way as a chair internally, but is much faster and pounces on prey. They are found to continuously attack subjects regardless of hunger, due to their territorial nature.

Tables are to be shot on sight; they are extremely dangerous and are thought to be responsible for (DATA EXPUNGED) percent of deaths in the Sentience zone.

A Mirror

All mirrors are changed that the glass within their being is changed to a strong, acid resistant quartz. Their internal structure is small, as most of their volume is taken up by a large sac of acid.

Mirrors exhibit octopus like tendencies; they have three (3) tentacles with mouths extending from the back or bottom of each mirror, with a small, almost unnoticeable “hose” located at the top of the mirror. This hose, when one enters its varying range, will spray a strong, highly corrosive acid with notable force; this acid then reduces the sprayed being into a fine paste. Subject recordings found have shown that it is extremely painful, but quick, reducing a human to an edible paste within five (5) to ten (10) seconds.

The acid sac is contained in the higher sections of each mirror, and is relatively fragile to outside forces; typically one shot to the upper cavity of the organism will result in death of the subject.

ADDITION: Composition of the mirror changed drastically enough to eliminate reflective properties.

Various Instances of Animal SCP

All animal forms of SCP-1457-A are shown to be physically combined with that of a human, and have a society within the contained area. Rabbits have progressed the least, showing only a slightly more aggressive attitude towards human life. Foxes and deer within the secured area have evolved somewhat, being able to occasionally stand on two legs, and are typically born with sharper claws and teeth; deer are special in this case, and are found to have a pair of spines that grow on the back and front of their hooves as they reach maturity. Apes within the area are shown to have progressed the furthest mentally, utilizing guns and experimenting with the bodies of other animal SCP-1457-A’s. This involves the grafting of grenades into the bodies of rabbits that explode when shot; apes have shown intelligence in this, letting rabbits hop weakly near agents, only to be detonated.

Apes have shown near-human level intelligence; the smartest of these instances have attempted to communicate with the Foundation after learning English from the diaries of dead agents, with varying degrees of success.

Animals are to be disposed of on sight.

Large Buildings

Large buildings, if not all, are shown to hold a symbiotic relationship with most forms of SCP-1457-A, excluding animals. There are no recorded changes, essentially due to the high mortality rate of agents tasked with researching said instances.

Upon entering a building, the door will slam shut, and all instances of SCP-1457-A will activate and consume all humans or animal SCP-1457-A’s that have entered.

No recorded fatality.

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