SCP-1492 (Proposal)

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Item #: SCP-1492

Object Class: Euclid

Image taken from on board a foundation plane shortly after INCIDENT SCP-1492-2

Special Containment Procedures: Satellite monitoring of SCP-1492 is to be maintained at all times from Research Command 5.
High speed frigates are to be kept moored and crewed with a mobile task force at full readiness on █████ Island (██°E of target) and [DATA EXPUNGED] (███°SSW of target)
In the event of any non-foundation vessel approaching to within ███km of SCP-1492 the following procedures are to be observed;

  1. Civilian vessel is to be hailed and questioned as to it’s destination. If vessel intends to pass no closer than ██km from SCP-1492 it should be allowed to continue, but monitored closely. If vessel intends to close within ██km of SCP-1492, proceed to stage 2.
  2. Civilian vessel is to be informed that there has been an outbreak of [DATA EXPUNGED] on ███████ Island (public designation of SCP-1492) and instructed to plot a new course. If vessel reroutes it should be allowed to continue, but monitored closely. If vessel refuses to comply or shows no signs of immediate course change, proceed to stage 3.
  3. Both frigates should be scrambled immediately. Whichever is closer (Frigate A) should plot a direct intercept course with civilian vessel, the further (Frigate B) should target a point equidistant from civilian vessel and SCP-1492. Civilian vessel should be informed of approaching forces and given a final opportunity to divert. If vessel changes course, Frigate A should return to base but Frigate B should continue to destination and maintain position until Civilian vessel has left the exclusion zone. If vessel fails to comply, proceed to stage 4.
  4. Frigate A should continue to intercept civilian vessel. Once contact is made, mobile task force should be dispatched to forcibly board and assume control of target. Lethal force is authorized, but should not be used unless deemed unavoidable. Once target has been captured and all crew subdued, vessel should be rerouted and class 4 amnesiacs administered to all crew members. Steps should be taken to simulate a fuel leak capable of rendering crew unconscious for long enough to avoid suspicion.



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