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SCP-1652 close-up, taken by ████.

Item #: SCP-1652
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1652 is to be contained in a glass case in the center of a 15 x 15 room, with a 5 x 5 square of red tape around the room. The walls should all be made of 3 foot thick concrete, at least. Anyone trying to experiment with the object must have Class 3 level clearance.
Subjects in experiments may not be kept in the room for more than 5 hours. After that point, they must be removed and have an amnesiac applied.
Description: The object is, in appearance, a simple rubik’s cube that has no visible blemishes or marks. However, if a subject nears the object they will be compelled to solve the cube, ignoring any bodily needs. They cannot solve the cube; however, as the subject is forced to mix it up even as they are a step away from finishing it. The object can only affect a single subject at a time.
The cube can effect at a longer range with lower success rate as it goes farther, but within five feet the success rate is absolute, according to experimentation by Dr. ████. (See Experimentation Log SCP-1652-A). Due to this ability to expand its range, it has kept the Euclid classification.
Addendum 1652-1: Found in an Ivy, Virginia apartment home when police noticed that the cars in the parking lot had expired license plates and registration. Upon further exploration, Officer ████ discovered malnourished bodies of many residents. He called this in, then explored more of the home, and was not heard from a second time, no matter how many times the subject was hailed. E-class personnel were called to investigate
Addendum 1652-2: The object is not to be moved again, refer to Incident SCP-1652-A
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