SCP-1726 - The Butter Knife
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SCP-1726 in storage before Incident 1726-2

Item #: SCP-1726

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not in use for research or otherwise, SCP-1726 is to be stored in a standard containment locker in Storage Unit-03 in Room-2A, Locker 4, Section D. In regards to Incident 1726-1, access to objects in Section D will only be granted with approved paperwork from Level 2 and above personnel. Retrieval of objects for testing requires approved paperwork accompanied by one (1) Level 2 or above personnel during collection.

SCP-1726 is to be kept mounted on a custom gelatin-based mold with its blade facing up at all times. This is to prevent the properties of SCP-1726 from affecting the container. During transport, it is to be confined within a 20x20x5cm paper box stuffed with cotton. The paper box is to be placed within the standard transportation container.

Description: SCP-1726 appears to be a white plastic butter knife about 18 centimeters in length. It has no outstanding features that distinguishes it from other knives of similar make. The knife model has been manufactured by three (3) different companies between 19██ and 20██ and no origin has been identified.

SCP-1726 is theorized to be made of a form of memory metal able to shift its molecular make as it deems necessary. (See Addendum 1) When it comes into contact with a soft object like jelly or butter, it becomes unable to make even the slightest cut in said object. However, harder objects such as iron and diamonds are easily sheered. The softest object tested, cotton, was noted to have the hardness of diamond. Anything above the hardness level of concrete has a negligible resistance to SCP-1726. The density of an object has no effect on the outcome of experiments with SCP-1726. SCP-1726 is not affected by non solid object like gas and liquid.

Recovery Log: It was discovered in 19██ after causing a prop malfunction on the set of Episode 6 of [DATA EXPUNGED], during the bloopers section that aired on [DATA EXPUNGED] Channel. While viewing the show at his home, Dr. M███ noticed the anomaly and contacted Site-4. Undercover personnel from Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 working at production location was notified. Artifact was retrieved by Agent S█████. Employees and cast members on set were deemed safe. No amnesiac was administered. Confiscation of footage was deemed unnecessary.

The following logs are filed in chronological order and are to only be accessed by 2/1726 personnel.

*The following is a table of tests done on materials (Object Tested) followed by what the cutting force felt like to a human tester (Object Referenced). Finalized by a machine measuring the amount of pressure needed to sheer object rounded off (Psi Applied).

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