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Item #: SCP-1740

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1740 is to be kept locked by a standard padlock and kept in a secure 24 hour-recorded chamber to avoid accidental or deliberate activation without approval by a Level 4 Clearance staff member assigned to SCP-1740. The key to this door will be kept by the site manager and can be freely requested by a Level four (4) member of staff assigned to SCP-1740. SCP-1740 is to be guarded at all hours by at least two (2) armed guards. Experimentation with SCP-1740 is currently open to all staff, upon approval from assigned staff with a security clearance level of four (4) assigned to SCP-1740

Description: SCP-1740 is a 0.5 by 0.5m by 2m phone booth. All windows on the booth are blacked out, presumably with the design intention of privacy. The phone within the booth (Designated SCP-1740-1)is a similar model to an average phone booth. The corner of SCP 1740-1 is labelled with the presumed maker of SCP-1740, a ███████ Inc. No such company has been found at this time. SCP-1740-1 differs in it only possesses one button, rather than the usual digits and call button on the average phone. On this button, the fraction “½” is written. When this button is pressed, and the door to SCP-1740 is closed, the object is activated.
Any singular object within the booth is then halved to its material value of a half. A piece of currency for example, will be dispensed as two similar pieces of currency, each worth a half of the original entrant. It is currently unknown as to how SCP-1740 halves these objects, or decides what is the entrants material half. No limit is found to SCP-1740 capabilities, except for the restrictions made by the size of the booth. (See Test C - ██/██/12 below)
SCP-1740 refuses more than one object at a time, simply not activating when the “½” button is pressed under usual circumstances, and will only output 2 objects which are exactly the same and a self determined half of the original entrant. Restrictions based on the size of the booth still apply.
SCP-1740 was discovered in ██████████ , █████, on ██/██/11 after a call was made out to local medical services by a ████ ███ after reporting discovering two [REDACTED] within SCP-1740 after her husband, ███████ ███ had been inside of SCP-1740 for more than five (5) minutes in an attempt to call a friend. It is now clear that what SCP-1740 had made from the entrant was incapable of opening the doors. SCP-1740 was removed from the street under the cover of a Foundation-owned maintenance company, and all remains of the resultant ███████ ███ were removed for study, and all witnesses of the original event were given Type-B amnesiacs.

Memo from Dr. ███████: Note that you can file for any object to be halved by SCP-1740 as per SCP-1740’s testing regulations, and all such requests should be made to me.

Test A - ██/██/12

Subject: A █████ brand Telephone
Results: Two low quality mobile phones. Both phones were similar models to the original phone, and were found in the company's product catalog at half the price the test subject was originally bought for.

Test B - ██/██/12

Subject: One (1) pound coin.
Results: Two fifty (50) pence coins.

Test D - ██/██/12

Subject: One (1) Five pound note.
Results: Two (2) samples of a non existent coin in this era of British currency, written to be worth two pounds and fifty pence.

Test E - ██/██/13

Subject: A small piece of Uranium
Results: Two samples of an unknown radioactive element. This element upon further experimentation was found to possess half the radioactivity of the original uranium sample.
-Request by Dr. █████ to research SCP-1740’s utility in the decommissioning of nuclear waste pending O5 approval.

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