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SCP-1765 (Redcoat)

Item #: SCP-1765

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-1765 (Nicknamed Redcoat by keeper) is to be kept inside a pen which is lined by a steel fence. We have many doubts about SCP-1765 breaching containment due to his relaxed nature and his tolerance toward Scientists experimenting on him. However, SCP-1765 does pose a threat to personnel due to his teeth which can tear through flesh with ease. Because of this, two guards must patrol the perimeter of SCP-1765's containment area and must always be armed with tranquillisers in the event of a containment breach. SCP-1765's pen is measured 50m x 50m and the perimeter fence must be 5m high.

SCP-1765, Redcoat, is a close relative of the red wolf that are most common along the east coast of northern America. The most outstanding thing about 1765 is that it has the ability to speak English, this has been very helpful for our researchers as the subject is able to answer questions that we ask about its origin. The subject itself is almost identical to the red wolf except from a tail that glows a dark red. The subjects tail is unique to its kind as not only does it glow, but it is also hot to the touch. SCP-1765 assures researchers that he cannot control the heat of his tail; it is there as a defensive purpose to prevent predators from being able to ambush his species from behind or in the dark. The subject has repeatedly told us in interviews [see below] that he is one of the last remaining members of his species. It has been mentioned to higher ranking officials about the possibility of breeding 1765, this is primarily for research purposes as we can continue to document the habits of this species many years after 1765 passes away.
SCP-1765 was also contained after a few locals around the town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania spotted a glowing red presence in the surrounding forest to the police, this was then picked up on by the foundation who hunted and were able to secure SCP-1765 without any problems using tranquilliser darts and brought him back to Sector-28 to be contained.

SCP-1765 has been granted an outside habit, this is primarily because we can observe how the subject acts in a natural environment. Beforehand, 1765 had been kept inside a small kennel but due to his recently intellect, he was allowed his own natural habit to live in so we may study the species.

There have been various interviews with SCP-1765 which may have importance to researchers.

Interviewed: SCP-1765

Interviewer: Dr. █████████

Foreword: SCP-1765's first interview since the discovery of his linguistic abilities.

<Begin Log, █████████>

Dr. █████████ Beginning first interview with SCP-1765. 1765, do you understand me?

SCP-1765 Yes, I understand you perfectly Dr █████████.

Dr. █████████ Good, then we can get started. I think the first question is quite obvious.

SCP-1765 I'm guessing it is something to do with my dialect? You are not the first human to wonder how I speak but for that I only have one answer.

Dr. █████████ So you are already familiar with the situation at hand. Please, continue.

SCP-1765 I know not why I have the ability to talk, my species adapted this way, as did yours. We all have the same thought processes, just a different appearance.

Dr. █████████ That is where you are wrong, 1765, us humans did not adapt to speak.

SCP-1765 Adapting, developing, it's all the same thing but with a different label. I learnt to speak because my kin taught me how to, the same as you.

Dr. █████████ So you're stating that your species has known how to speak English for generations?

SCP-1765 Yes, what is left of my species anyway, we're dying out.

Dr █████████ Please focus on the question at hand, do not drift from the subject.

SCP-1765 As you wish. But there is nothing more to it.

Dr. █████████ Thank you for your co-operation 1765, I shall send you back to your new containment. We shall pick this up again another day.

SCP-1765 Of course. I bid you farewell until we next meet.

<End Log, █████████>

Closing Statement: SCP-1765 returned safely and obediently to his holding area, Dr. █████████ documented his findings and began preparing questions for the next interview.

Interviewed: SCP-1765

Interviewer: Dr. █████████

Foreword: Third interview with SCP-1765, will be questioning 1765 on his species.

<Begin Log, █████████>

Dr. █████████ So SCP-1765, or should I call you Redcoat now? [Brief chuckling is heard from Dr. █████████]

SCP-1765 The man who looks after me livelihood may call me what he wishes, and I give you the same choice.

Dr. █████████ I'm stick to what I have on records, 1765. Thank you anyway. Now, back onto business, last week you mentioned your species multiple times.

SCP-1765 Yes, I seem to recall mentioning that I was one of the last.

Dr. █████████ I don't mean to be rude, but how long has your species been around? This is the first time any of you have been caught on our radar here at the Foundation.

SCP-1765 We've been around a little while longer than you humans, until the last five thousand years; our species roamed the countrysides and man feared us.

Dr. █████████ And what about in the last five thousand years?

SCP-1765 Humans began building up, creating settlements, and soon enough we were hunted for food and resources. Mankind drove us underground around three thousand years ago.

Dr. █████████ How long do your species tend to live?

SCP-1765 I am, by your years, three hundred and seven years old.

Dr. █████████ Impressive, and how old is that in your measurement of age?

SCP-1765 Thirty six, approximately.

Dr. █████████ And how many of your species are left?

SCP-1765 Around a thousand or so, most are living in secluded areas near the land you call Pennsylvania. Lots of woodland to hide away in.

Dr. █████████ Thank you for co-operating with me today, we've run out of interview time.

SCP-1765 Alright, I shall tell you further about my species during the next meeting.
[Repeat as necessary]

<End Log, █████>

Closing Statement: SCP-1765 returned to holding area without any trouble, Dr ████████ documented his findings and sent word that there may be more of SCP-1765's species living in or around Pennsylvania.

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