SCP-1776 being back lit, revealing opacity to visible light

Item #: SCP-1776-1

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The object is stored inside of a fire proof lock box at Storage Unit-05. Once a year, the item should be displayed to 'the public'. A display stand is provided on reception's desk for this purpose. When transporting the anomaly, rubber surgical gloves are to be worn,a pair of which will be stored with SCP-1776-1 and replaced as needed.

Instances of SCP-1776-2 are to be miss-informed that The Foundation is an exclusively American institution, and that their continued cooperation will provide great assistance to the people of The United States of America.

Description: SCP-173 is a plastic American Flag. The 'pole' is 25 centimeters long, with a uniform radius of 1 milimeter. The 'flag' portion of the object is 5.25 X 10.5 centimers, and has a uniform thickness of .5 milimeters. The flag is fused to the pole via a small band of clear plastic which loops around the pole from the Left side of the flag portion. Branded onto the clear plastic sheeth which joins the two pieces of the item, the words "Made in China" are printed. The words begin from the midway point of the first white stripe, and come to conclusion at the beginning of the third white stripe.

SCP-1776 Was recovered from the rear of a Semi-truck traveling north from █████████ when Mr.██████ used a cellphone to contact Border Patrol Agents. Upon the detainment of the driver, and a search of the rear of the truck, the Border Patrol Agents found ██ Individuals in the rear of the truck attempting to smuggle themselves into the country. Through the questioning process it was revealed Mr.██████ had been the one to contact the Agents. Field Agent ██████ proceeded to question Mr.██████, at which point he obtained the item, and had it transported to Site-19 for testing and classification. Mr.██████ was released after receiving Class-A Amnesiacs, and a small reward of $███ for the tip he provided.

SCP-1776 Causes subjects who interact with it (Interaction specified as holding the 'pole' portion of the object) to become 'Americanized'. The effect increases in power over the course of a 26 hour period. In the first hour of exposure, subjects become a Natural Born Citizen of the United State. Within five to seven business days, mail is delivered to the last known address of subjects, containing a Social Security Card, Draft Card, and an apology notice for delivering these items so late to the Citizen. Subjects exposed for the full 26 hours feel a deep sense of "Support" for 'Their Country'.

Subjects Exposed to the effects of SCP-1776 are to be considered SCP-1776-2

Further effects are demonstrated within the attached test log.
SCP-1776 Test Log

An interview of a test subject Four Months and Three days after exposure to the object is included for review.
SCP-1776 Interview

Addendum: Object Class upgraded to Euclid following incidents SCP-1776-A through F
SCP-1776 Incident Report

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