SCP-1776 Test Log

SCP-1776 Test Log

Research Personnel: [Data Expunged]

Subjects are placed into an observation room and instructed to hold SCP-1776 until further instructions are provided. One Test is performed per day, and subject is given 24 hours from the end of the previous test, to the beginning of the next. Room furnishings follow
One (1) Oak Study Table
One (1) Oak Chair


SUBJECT:D-15426, Ukrainian inmate, Male, ██ Years old, convicted of [Data Expunged]
EXPOSURE TIME: Thirty Minutes
TEST RESULT: No observable change, Subject instructed to place the flag back on the table and is escorted out of the room.
NOTES: Subject shows slight disgust at having been chosen for these tests, and increasing levels of annoyance at the flag.

TEST RESULT: No observable change in subject. Six days following the test, mail arrived ████████ ██████ where the subject had been contained before being acquired by the foundation. It was retrieved by Field Agent █████, and sent to the facility. The contents of the mail were a valid Social Security card ( ███-██-████ ) a Draft Card issued to the subject, and a hand written letter of apology for the delay in the filing services. Subject instructed to place the flag back on the table and is escorted out of the room.
NOTES: D-15426 questions the anomalous nature of the object, the annoyance noted in test one is absent.

EXPOSURE TIME:One Hour, Thirty Minutes
TEST RESULT: Subject Expresses Admiration for the flag, and informs observers of erroneous thoughts about the United States. Subject begins expressing thoughts One hour twenty three minutes and 14 seconds into the test. (1:23:14) Subject instructed to place the flag back on the table and is escorted out of the room.

1:23:14 Subject expresses admiration for the Flag.
2:12:31 Subject speaks with slight stereotypical Southern Accent.
2:15:10 Subject begins telling observers his appreciation for acoustic guitar, until 2:23:15.
2:23:16 D-15426 begins shifting the flag from left to right in his hand. and continues this action until the tests conclusion.
4:52:12 Subject begins circling the room. When inquired he replies he is 'bored'. Subject is asked to return to the seat and complies.
7:41:12 Subject begins pacing the room again. When inquired he replies "Practicing my Marching." When probed further, the subject reports he "Has been thinking of the army" for at least several minutes, and "wants to be ready to join." Subject instructed to return to his seat and complies.
9:32:10 Subject begins mumbling. When inquired he tells instructors he is unsure of himself. After a moment he begins mumbling again. Subject is instructed to speak up. Observation team notes that the subject is repeating the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States. When asked subject states "It just came to me."
10:00:00 Subject instructed to place the flag on the table. Guards enter the room to escort D-15426 out of the room.
10:01:42 Subject escorted out of the room after expressing reluctance about letting the flag portion of the object touch the table.
NOTES: Mail Arrived today, believed to be associated with Test Two, Results updated for that test.

EXPOSURE TIME: Twenty Hours.
TEST RESULT:Mimics TEST 4 until 10:00:00
12:13:32 Subject asks to be provided a plain piece of paper and a pen. When inquired, subject states that he "just wants to contact his Congressmen". Subjects accent has changed, no traces of previous accent are audible, and aside from the accent, D-15426's English is flawless. Request denied. Subject becomes irate for a moment.
13:52:21 Subject requests to speak with an Army Recruiter. Denied.
14:12:06 Subject requests to speak with an Air Force Recruiter. Denied.
15:12:06 Subject requests several larger American Flags to decorate the room with. Denied.
16:34:36 Subject begins humming the tune to [Data Expunged]. '
16:37:13 Subject states SCP-1776 deserves better lighting.
17:02:12 Subject becomes irate.
17:05:22 Subject demands observation join him in reciting the pledge of allegiance. Request denied.
17:07:06 Subject Stands, holds SCP-1776 at arms length with his left hand, and places his right over his heart and recites the Pledge of Allegiance.
17:09:45 Inquiry given to the Subject, upon which he replies that "Any real American would jump at the opportunity to pledge his service to this great Country."
17:10:12 Subject begins staring silently at the flag. Waving continues.
19:56:32 Subject asks if the test will end soon. Observation teams with hold the information.
20:00:00 Subject instructed to place the object on the table. Guards enter to escort D-15426 out of the room.
20:00:34 Subject expresses great distress
20:01:24 Guards move to secure the flag
20:02:12 Subject restrained after short struggle
20:02:23 Subject removed from test chamber. Visibly distraught at mistreatment of the flag.
NOTES: The last three hours of the test seems to have the largest effect on the 'patriotism' of the subject. That the testing also mimicked test 4 leads us to believe that the effects are not cumulative, but follow an established time line which, aside from the effects of the first hour of exposure will repeat. Effects of the anomaly are becoming more severe. D-Class subject re-designated at SCP-1776-2

EXPOSURE TIME: Twenty Hours.

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