Item #: SCP-1788

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1788 is to be contained in a chamber within site 89. Direct interaction with SCP-1788 is strictly prohibited. Any experiments performed must be approved by three (3) O5 Personnel, and any interaction must be performed by Class-D subjects. In the event that SCP-1788 becomes hostile, flame units are to be used until SCP-1788 returns to its "docile" state.

Description: SCP-1788 appears to be a large floating mass of sharp metal and organic material. Quick or hostile movements performed in SCP-1788's chamber will result in SCP-1788 firing a sharp, harpoon like shard from its housing to its accused attacker, here on referred to as its "target". The shard is usually attached to SCP-1788 by a chain or metal wire. After hitting the target, SCP-1788 will quickly pull its target into itself, ripping apart limbs and organs while adding them to its "collection" of flesh.

Upon massive damage to the organic material collected by SCP-1788, the metal surrounding itself will warp in a fashion that encases the exposed organic material, thus preventing further damage to its fleshy interior. SCP-1788 will remain in this "docile" state for approximately 48 hours before converting its shell back to the construct of spears and jagged metal it was previously in. Close examination reveals the flesh collected by SCP-1788 has not deteriorated despite the amount of time spent exposed. Skin has not dried out, and blood has not coagulated. Tests to confirm that collected personnel are still living and conscious are scheduled to be performed in the future.

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