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Item #: SCP-1350-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1350-J is to be confined to its cave (designated site ███) at all times. No one should enter into the cave on site at any time, unless testing is underway. No one is to attempt to remove any samples of SCP-1350-J-1 at any time, for risk of enraging SCP-1350-J. SCP-1350-J is to be fed two whole cows every 18 hours, and the carcasses of these cattle should only be recovered if they are at least five meters away from the cave entrance.

If containment is breached MTF Zulu 18 (Kings Knights) are to begin search and recovery attempts.

Description: SCP-1350-J is a large (estimated 5 meters long) reptilious creature. It is covered in thick, green scales. These have proven to be immune to damage by fire, physical force, small ballistic weapons, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-1350-J also appears to be capable of exhaling gusts of air which can reach speeds of ███ kph. SCP-1350-J also appears to be able to emit fire from a gland in the back of its mouth. How this is done is only hypothesized. SCP-1350-J also has a pair of wings, and has been recorded flying at speeds of up to ██ kph.

SCP-1350-J-1 is a large pile of valuable goods, including gold coins, gems of various values, jewelry, ornate medieval weapons and armor, and intricate tapestries. SCP-1350-J often rests on top of this "treasure hoard" while not eating. Removing any of these objects causes SCP-1350-J to become enraged, attacking whomever took said object with either its talons, teeth, or by emitting fire at them. This rage will not subside until SCP-1350-J becomes aware of the death of this person.

Addendum 1350-J-1: So… it's a dragon? - Researcher James

Um… I guess so… - Researcher Franklin

This can't be possible. it can't just be a dragon. I'm doing more tests. - Dr. Janlin

Addendum 1350-J-2: Testing Log:

Test: Placed electronic clamps on SCP-1350-J's left, rear leg. Applied 400 newtons of force.

Result: Leg was squished. SCP-1350-J showed extreme displeasure.

Fuck! - Dr. Janlin

Test: SCP-1350-J is shown several memetic images that induce nausea, pain, and distress in most vertebrates.

Result: SCP-1350-J showed extreme displeasure, vomited repeatedly.

Maybe it has infinite vomit… - Dr. Janlin

Test: SCP-1350-J is fed several bottle of syrup of ipecac.

Result: SCP-1350-J vomited for approximately 20 minutes, then proceeded to dry heave for 3 hours.

Damnit! Okay, maybe it's something sexual. - Dr. Janlin

Test: Electrified testicle clamps applied to SCP-1350-J's scrotum.

Result: Test not completed. See Addendum 1350-J-2.

Addendum 1350-J-2: Incident 1350-J-1:

Routine testing for SCP-1350-J involving electrified testicle clamps was about to commence when SCP-1350-J suddenly spoke. the following audio was recorded:

SCP-1350-J: Ok, you got me! I can talk!

Dr. Janlin: Um… what?

SCP-1350-J: I can talk! Stop the test!

Dr. Janlin: I…. but… the testicle clamps…

SCP-1350-J: What the fuck did you expect from using those?

Dr. Janlin: Something… sexual?

SCP-1350-J: You're a fucking retard.

Dr. Janlin: I… um… Restrain him!

Addendum 1350-J-3: Additional testing log:

Test: Electrified testicle clamps applied to SCP-1350-J's scrotum.

Result: SCP-1350-J expressed extreme distress.

Ok, the testicle clamps didn't do anything. Now what if I bathed him in acid… - Dr. Janlin

What it means

The three agents looked at each other in the cell. They all knew they were there for a similar reason. The foundation didn't use the Personnel Containment Cells that often, usually punishment was decided swiftly and efficiently, but these were special circumstances. Agent Baxter decided to speak up first, his voice low. "So… we might as well get to know each other. Might be a little while, and we won't be getting any more company". The other two looked up at him, and then at each other. The one to the left of Baxter spoke first, with an persian accent he said "I was assigned to watching a small town, not far from Tehran. I was one of the four agents assigned to the area. I had gotten my hands on an anomolous object, I won't go into detail, but it was a weapon. This was one year ago. I decided it was of more use to me than being locked up by the Foundation, so I didn't turn it in. I had to be cautious around the others with it, but they never caught on. Not until it was too late." He sighed, but the others were interested now. The third agent in the cell spoke up now. His accent sounded slightly Brittish, but he was still distincly American. "I'm curious, what happened that it was 'too late'?" he asked the man. The second agent looked at him a moment, and decided that he probably wouldn't live long to regret his mistakes anyway, so he stated "the IRG eventually found out I had it, and they tried taking it. I avoided them at first, but I knew they wouldn't give up. I went to another agent stationed in the area, told him what I did. Brought the artifact with me, but it was too late. They followed me, and discovered we were Foundation. We didn't stand much of a chance. Suffice to say, he's dead and they now have the weapon. I barely got out alive." He seemed haunted by these words, but he remained calm.

A few minutes passed, and he third agent looked up at him, and simply stated "I… have a similar situation". Baxter asked him about it, having his own story as well. The third man looked away a moment, and then he began to speak. "I was chasing after some leads on a lead for Marshall, Carter, and Dark. Suffice to say the information was lost, but a new SCP came out of it. I knew they had something to do with it, and this… stuff was odd. I didn't have any reason to hold on to it, deciding my mission took priority over the REAL mission. I know now why I shouldn't have done it, but I just wanted to get some fame in the Foundation, I wanted to be the guy that caught our first big lead on MC&D, and that wound up blowing up in my face." He sounded angry now "I lost my home, my possessions, and a good friend to the explosion that stuff made. My trail went cold anyway, and the Foundation found out about it. Now I'm here." He stopped talking a moment, and it was quiet.

After what seemed like hours, Baxter spoke up, "I… am also in a similar situation. I was assigned a town in Ohio, me and my partner were the only Foundation there. We thought it was a simple assignment really, besides he grew up there, so we had decent cover. After 8 months there, I noticed something about my neighbor's kid, He had some powers over plants, but I thought 'Hey, I'll keep an eye on them. If they move, I'll contact them then. The kid's harmless, so he can make plants grow. I can't take him away from his family for that.' So I watched him for… must've been 3 years. Then… something bad happened.

The GOC found out about him, and it was just lucky I managed to get the kid out in time. He was fourteen by then, but I got the full story from him. He discovered his 'powers' when he was eleven, and decided he was a freak, so he hid them. His parents didn't even know. Though about a year after that, about the time I moved in, he started 'playing' with them. I was wrong about his powers, he could literally control most plants. He even claimed he could manipulate small animals. I offered to take him someplace safe, he accepted. But he wouldn't leave his parents behind, they were a close family. Anyway I knew that was a bad idea, so I told him I'd call them, and his parents would meet us there. It took a bit, but he eventaully went with me. I called a Foundation pick up, but it was too late by the time they arrived. GOC agents came back, tried killing him. This just pissed him off, and he… well… he was stronger than even he thought. He just… lost control. The other agents seemed just as crazed, even some civilians started beating on each other. Eventaully though, they put him down. Took a good bit to do it. The Foundation ran clean up, don't know what kind of cover they could use though. GOC helped too. Nice thing about them, they want the same thing we do, sometimes. Anyway I just got in too. So I guess-"

He never got to finish that statement. A guard walked in, and escorted them to another room. They were sta down, and told to explain why they were there.

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Item #: SCP-1815

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1815 is to be stored in standard containment locker. No special provisions or resources are required to contain it, however no personnel with less than security level 3 are permitted to enter the locker under any circumstances unless otherwise permitted for testing purposes. At least two personnel must be present for testing.

Any personnel exposed to "The Last Day" are required to be treated by a psychiatrist indefinitely.

Description: SCP-1815 is a hardcover book titled "The Life Story". The cover and binding is black, with no information but the title present on it. The first anomalous effect of SCP-1815 is evident when opened to the very first page of the book. The second is evident when the subject reads "The Last Day".

When opened to the first page, the words "Life story" are printed on the page, and the book's mass is known to change at this time, as needed to fill it's pages. After being opened to this page, the contents of the book are altered to give a well detailed account of the life of the one who opened the book (hereby referred to as the subject). The book will only give details up to the exact moment it is opened, with one exception that will be explained shortly, however the details it gives have always come up to be 100% accurate, and even shows events that were repressed or forgotten by the subject. The last section of the book however (titled "The Last Day") details the final day of the subject. This section is written in far more detail than the previous sections, and the death it explains has always been very disturbing to the subject, usually involving a phobia of their's if any are present, and almost always is an unnaturally caused death. When read by the subject, the secondary effect of the book is activated.

The secondary effect of SCP-1815 is shown when the subject reads past the page marked "The Last Day". This causes the subject to experience a moderately heightened sense of paranoia, however they seem equally paranoid to all things, not just what caused there death.If they receive proper therapy, they can overcome these feelings. It is unknown at this time if the effect is simply a natural reaction or not, however it is hypothesized that the effect is memetic in nature.

Addendum 01: It should be noted that when opened to any other page, the book does not change and anyone is free to read it without any anomalies. This includes "The Last Day". However if the book is already opened, and they turn back to the first page, this causes its effect to activate.

Addendum 02: After further testing with SCP-1815, it was determined that gloves are unable to prevent the primary effect of the book from occurring, however certain machines (such as tongs) are able to negate the effect. Also discovered was that when opened to the first page by remote devices, the book remains unaltered. However, while opened if it is touched by a human; the book is altered normally.

Addendum 03: Any damage to the pages of the book will be regenerated when the primary effect is next activated. This includes the first page.

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